I Bought The Same Dress For $4, $30, $60, and $200

I Bought The Same Dress For $4, $30, $60, and $200

HELLO FRIENDS!! So, I found something… a few months ago, while we were trying to film a video where I let TikTok ads pick my outfits, I stumbled upon… this dress. It goes by a few names but it’s most commonly some version of the “floral midriff shaper corset sundress” – and after buying one for the video, my for you page started getting flooded with TONS of ads for what looked like the same dress – but all from different companies, and with wildly different price points. So, I decided – let’s buy a few of these bad boys and see what actually ends up at our doorstep – and find out, what the heck IS up. Where are all these dresses coming from? Are they all the same dress? Clearly someone is lying here – but who? I guess we’ll find out…

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24 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! today, we investigated a mysterious dress that has been advertised all over my tiktok for you page…. and then bought that same dress from 4 different companies for $4, $30, $60, & $200 to see what the actual *heck* is going on here, batman… 🕵🏻‍♀have you guys seen any fishy tiktok ads before? what should we look into next? xoxo, saf

  2. Tyler Williams says:

    next up on my channel – I bought the same shark blanket for $4, $30, $60, and $200 🦈

  3. Anna Calstone says:

    One reason I love your videos is you don’t just say I bought a dress from 4 sites, you actually do it deep dive into how you did it, why and what the impact can be. Thank you for the time, effort and energy you put into your videos and going as far as to find the people featured in the fake ads who had their legitimate content stolen. You don’t just make quick win videos, you put the effort in to make something worth watching

  4. tabitha stewart says:

    Saf is the house of cb’s of YT , she delivers top quality original satisfying content xx

  5. Rook Wolf says:

    I’m glad Safiya did this video. I feel like she has a good chance of reaching people who might otherwise get scammed without information like this. Thanks for helping the fans, Saf!

  6. Fiona says:

    I love Safiya acting as a consumer watchdog. My favorite kind of content. I don’t do TikTok and I’m pretty selective about the companies I buy from even if they’re not fancy and even if they are cheap, they are legit. I so and so I do seek out fabric that is both good quality and cheap and that is often times found at stores that specialize in leftover/stash/discontinued/recycled or repurposed fabrics. There’s more than one way to be frugal.

  7. Booolicius says:

    Thank you for spreading awareness! This clothing business is out of control! 🙁

  8. Ana T. Heist Art says:

    I love the level of journalism that goes into a dress comparison video. Literally, the reason I love watching

  9. Chrissy N says:

    Incredible video, as always! This topic is the exact reason I’m almost terrified to buy new clothes, even though I would love to update my wardrobe. I don’t want to support fast fashion companies but I also can’t afford the high end companies. There’s essentially no moral middle ground and it feels like everyone is scrambling to make a buck. Even thrifting has become messy with stores being flooded with cheap shein pieces, stores raising prices, and resellers snatching anything good off the racks.

    • Baylee Burger says:

      EXACTLY my thoughts

    • Terri B says:

      There’s a very moral middle ground. Find consignment stores that specialize in name brands, not Shein and Temu and the other garbage sites. We have several of them in my city that ONLY sell quality clothing, not fast fashion.

  10. cass ola says:

    I’m gonna echo everyone else, but a massive thanks goes out to you Saf, your team and your countless hours of research to not only bring us content, but informative investigative journalism. I’ve been with you since the start of your channel and I’m so happy to be met with constant entertainment and education. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve binged your vids lmao 😂

    I personally truly appreciate your spin on these videos and allowing room for us to bring our thoughts into everything too.
    Thank-you for being the voice for those who had their images, ideas and lil mark on the world stolen.

    I’ll forever continue to schmash that like button for the next franken vid or “the Internet made me buy it” series – 👍🏻💥

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