I Built a COPPER GOLEM Statue in Minecraft Hardcore (#54)

I Built a COPPER GOLEM Statue in Minecraft Hardcore (#54)

Today I Built a Copper Golem Statue in Minecraft Hardcore! Recently the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 was held for the community to decide a new mob to be added to the game. My favourite mob, the Minecraft Copper Golem, unfortunately did not win. So I decided to build a GIANT Copper Golem in Minecraft so the copper golem’s memory could live on forever! WHAT SHOULD I BUILD NEXT?

Build Inspiration: AnimalMace

★ Watch the series from episode 1:


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42 Responses

  1. aCookieGod says:

    I’m proud to see that you’re using leaves 😀

  2. Aidn says:

    RIP to all us copper golem supporters 🙁

  3. Justin Murphy says:

    I love how he casually says I’m gonna put in between my pyramid and my city.

  4. Balding Plum2 says:

    Wadzee, I know a possible way to remove any more hassle from mining copper. Make a drowned farm. They drop copper and it could be another way to get tridents (if you want any more).

  5. Ryan Wood says:

    Next Episode: build a museum with the fossil as the center point

  6. Naestar says:

    “No other ore has a prime usage of building”

    Quartz: Am I a joke to you?

  7. JediPlays0309 says:

    8:45 could you imagine if this was a lead in to a sponsorship for the honeycomb cereal LOL

  8. FastPots says:

    Damn RIP to all the copper golem 🙁

  9. Lonely Sandwich says:

    When he said ‘only the back is left’ i got instant hermicraft flashbacks lol

  10. Risky says:

    These episodes are so entertaining it’s a shame they go by so fast! ⏰

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