I played the Hardest Official Pokemon Game. It’s insane.

I played the Hardest Official Pokemon Game. It’s insane.

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42 Responses

  1. Medicesca says:

    The way chat was disrespecting the Admin theme honestly has me tilted.

  2. Ben Barker says:

    Colosseum and XD are some of the best pokemon games ever.

  3. Trygve Plaustrum says:

    38:30 It’s so rare to see SmallAnt meet his match and react to significant setbacks.
    This is one of those times.
    You’re welcome, Internet!

  4. Sir Cats Meow says:

    Seeing an adult struggle with that final boss makes my inner child SO happy just for getting that far.

    • Tyler Barse says:

      Right? Suddenly I don’t feel bad about having a lvl 70+ Umbreon and Espeon to clear this fight when I was a kid after watching Ant’s playthrough.

    • MrRyanCock says:

      @Dad Bod Envy unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to level grind my other Pokémon.. I just brute forced it with my overleveled starters until I got the right RNG haha

    • Stirdix says:

      ​@MrRyanCock I combined “overleveled starter” with “massive stock of revival herbs” to keep Espeon alive as my primary damage dealer; I recall spending a lot of time fighting Metagross due to Espeon just not being a good damage dealer there

    • oh no? says:

      @Media The Protogen spread the propaganda brother

    • theoneandonly says:

      my inner child had alot of full restores and revives for that fight lol 😀

  5. Iaxacs says:

    Coliseum is how I wish pokemon games were made cause it really does have some of the best TRPG gameplay around. They just make the single player parts easy enough for anyone to play

    • Rotten Ranch says:

      @Kat Soupman i think it’s supposed to be Tactical role-playing game

    • Iaxacs says:

      @Rotten Ranch I meant Turn Based but I forgot about Tactical RPGS

    • Beyondfate132 says:

      @ba ba Agreed, it was tedious AF along with all the animations, 3D pokemon game needs a speed up button.

    • Vanessa says:

      @Beyondfate132 i think the pkmn col and xd animations are /just/ fast enough not to be annoying

    • EuphonicDreams says:

      I just want Game Freak to make a Colosseum style game with an even mix of single and double battles, and preferably a better soundtrack. Colosseum has some bops but they can definitely get pretty grading after a while. The loops feel too short.

  6. TempestDacine says:

    This game is really sick I would love to see more deviations with the core pokemon system like this. If arceus ends up good I hope that leads to more stuff.

    • I'm a motherfreaking avocado says:

      I’d love a remastered version of this, imagine this game, but with the 3d model quality of the newer games, it would be amazing. Like, look at what they did to Snap, a remastered version of this would be so good no doubt

    • Sleepybones says:

      if arceus is successful we’ll just get another game that has the exact same premise for another region. hopefully unova, maybe with more or less effort involved.

      i just hope arceus is *actually* good if anything, because gamefreak has frequently shown us that they’re not even that great at designing a game based around the formula that *they* invented

    • I'm a motherfreaking avocado says:

      @Sleepybones It’s definitely gonna be successful, one, it’s a Pokémon game, they’re always successful, two so many people are already stoked about it, so there’s no doubt it’s going to do well. People are more excited about it than the Diamond and Pearl remakes they’ve been asking for since Sun and Moon ffs. I agree, Unova would make an interesting game for the Legends format.

      I hope it’s good as well, it’s looking really good so far, they’ve definitely put a lot of effort into it, even the promotional videos look amazing. I personally like all the Pokémon games, but eh, each to their own.

    • Thermophile says:

      The core games are allergic to originality.

    • The name's Vegito says:

      @Dovahgatr actually, I think it’s unique enough to not be a knockoff. It has a similar formula but the way they used it is definitely different.

  7. SmallAnt says:

    For everyone asking:

  8. Brian Silva says:

    People getting shocked at that Slaking Skill Swap never gets old.

  9. negspirito says:

    Worth noting: That Tyranitar was the first time the ability Sandstream appeared in a game. To people playing this when it released, Evice might as well have sent out Kyogre/Groudon

    • Solid Zack says:

      @nousername191 what about Pokémon Crystal battle tower? Is there no tyranitar there?

    • Unyu Duet says:

      @Solid Zack Crystal’s Battle Tower was… weird. It was very difficult to really prep for casually as a kid and I personally could barely get through 1-2 matches. While Tyranitar does appear there iirc, it’s still a pretty low chance.

    • Senor Exotic says:

      @Solid Zack that wasn’t a thing in gen 3 I think it starts working that way in gen 4 maybe 5 but iirc it should be gen 4

    • Drake Shadow says:

      @Solid Zack in crystal? No abilities in gen 2, so Sand Stream wouldn’t have even existed then. Emerald battle frontier tho, that one idk.

    • Solid Zack says:

      @Drake Shadow i replied to the comment that people who didn’t play Stadium 2 or grinded a Larvitar up likely never saw a Tyranitar

  10. StrawberryJam Skye says:

    The cool thing is the reason the chose the shadow Pokemon they did for this game was so you could get a lot of the pokemon that don’t appear in the gen 3 games

    • Drake Shadow says:

      Yup. The one generation where you had to own ALL the different games in order to truly “catch ‘em all.” At least until emerald came out lol.

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