I Built Minecraft’s Safest Base

I Built Minecraft’s Safest Base

After 3 MONTHS I Built Minecraft’s ACTUAL Safest Base, Because my friends steal stuff from me 🙂

This video took FOREVER to make, But I wanted to make sure I gave you guys a insane video for hitting 1 million! I cant thank you guys enough, Let me know what you guys think of it

Inspired by: @WenzoYT @ThatMumboJumbo

This MINECRAFT HARDCORE SERIES is inspired by Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and Sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this series is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is HARDCORE MINECRAFT! aCookiegod also with his hardcore Minecraft videos This is similar to my 100 DAYS in MINECRAFT HARDCORE but better!

#minecraft #hardcore #but

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22 Responses

  1. Moi says:

    Completely practical until you realise that you actually have to enter the base 💀

  2. mark 3.0 gaming says:

    My mans patience and dedication is impressive i could have never made even one layer

  3. Sonic Wave Infinity #MidDweller says:

    25:13 You can use wall updating to send signals upwards instantly plus it will look way cooler than redstone torch tower

  4. August Helén says:

    How ain`t this man got more audience. His average video takes 2 months to make. Awesome work carvs, keep it up!

  5. Cyndaquil143 says:

    Honestly adding water over the magma would both prevent jumping and keeping them from trying to buildup to prevent crystal damage

  6. llMadMan says:

    I don’t usually leave comments but this job is titanic. Montage, ideas, effort deserves huge respect keep it up!❤

  7. SebastianPlays says:

    I am so suprised how he even had the idea and guts to do this incredible build. (RIP Hand btw)

  8. Tanveer Singh says:

    the amount of effort bro puts in his videos is insane. love from india

  9. Ian Bultman says:

    The fact that Carvs can spend this much time just making a base like this is insane. I don’t think I would have the patience and energy with this game to build the first two layers! Keep making awesome videos!

  10. PoseidonLm says:

    Its a damn good day when carvs uploads, this is great!

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