Minecraft Live 2023

Minecraft Live 2023

Our yearly live show may have ended, but the fun is just getting started! You can re-watch Minecraft Live right here, so dive in for the newest news about Minecraft and Minecraft Legends, discussions with developers about future features, messages from imaginative partner creators, sneak peeks at new DLCs, some epic collaborations, and of course – a hearty sprinkling of Minecrafty secrets! We also revealed the winner of the hotly anticipated mob vote. Watch the video on demand now, and rewind to your cursor’s content!

Audio Description: https://youtu.be/abG9fsVeNLM
American Sign Language: https://youtu.be/sB3vP3kKbZY

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42 Responses

  1. Unformed Pond says:

    If you are really gonna have a mob vote, at the very least let us see how many people voted for each mob.

    • Steviemaster says:

      i think they’re capping at saying they had a lot of votes. Every youtuber told the community to not vote XD

    • DB says:

      @Steviemaster for sure

    • P07470 says:

      If the Mob Vote is gonna stay, Mojang should at least add 2 of the 3 mobs that are showcased, having the community vote for the mob they DON’T want in the game. This not only satisfies the majority of the player base, but also allows mojang to spend more time on developing the next update instead of waiting for community results.

      Or they can just add all 3 and save EVEN MORE time.

      EDIT: That last part is a joke. It’s the reason why I cut the thought short

    • Sushi Fox says:

      Here it is.

      Mob Vote 2023 results:
      Armadillo – 42.3%
      Crab – 32.5%
      Penguin – 25.2%

    • Lord_Egg_61 says:

      @Sushi FoxCool percentages. But how many people actually voted and how many people voted for each individual one?

  2. B3ckyDawn says:

    Copper golems and tuff golems would MAKE SO MUCH SENSE FOR THIS UPDATE.

    • Magdalena says:

      Yeah if they had copper golems in the trial chambers activating stuff like the breeze does.

    • Cheezy Llama says:

      @Magdalena Like they could’ve had the player guide the copper golem to buttons that either activated traps or opened a door to progress through the dungen. hopefully they just slide in the CG into the update as a surprise but knowing how lazy they became it’s just a dream.

    • Minymonkey2010 says:

      yep, as a former tuff golem voter, that would make perfect sense

    • Xander Ridley-Smith says:


    • Josh says:

      Who knows maybe they will make it as they did say second place in the votes would make it into the game at a later date so maybe this is where they bring them in which would be cool maybe if they could also do that promised Savannah update and maybe actually fully implement the illusioner or some of the other mobs as well we will be getting places

  3. Edward Lim says:

    For those wondering:
    Armadillo : 42.3%
    Crab: 32.5%
    Penguin: 25.2%

    Over 5 million votes were also casted this year
    ( sauce: Xbox Game Studios on Twitter & Windows Central )

    • BarryBean says:


    • Starwolven says:

      A lot of disappointed children didn’t get their Penguin today. RIP.. We already know what happens to fail mobs.

    • Briana Schmidt says:

      I’m surprised the crab didn’t get chosen

    • Extremeliar7 says:

      Rip crab

    • QW3RTY_101 says:

      They really shouldve just added wolf armor in a separate update… adding it to the mob vote literally forced all the younger children to vote for it. the older generations who enjoy the actual building aspect of minecraft that the crab wouldve enhanced SO MUCH got their dreams destroyed from some younger kids who think wolf armor is actually gonna save their pets. its not. its just gonna prolong your wolf’s (inevitable) death. unless of course you leave your wolf at home and at that point theres no point to wolf armor anyway

  4. dino gamer says:

    copper golem fits so well in the trial chambers lets hope mojang sees this comment

    • Forrest says:

      how so? just because it is copper doesnt mean it fits, copper golem is redstone based while the trial chambers are combat based.

    • BigOAnimation says:

      you know right this update is add new redstone mechanical it not only combat it for redstone too
      ( This is not mean they gonna add copper golem too because im not Mojang I didn’t know that next update)

    • Gifflebunk says:

      ​​@Forrest Not necessarily IN the trial chambers but they definitely fit the update. Not only are Mojang expanding the copper family, they’re also adding copper-based redstone devices (doors, trapdoors etc). This update wants to focus heavily on “tinkering”, so the copper golem would make sense with this theme

    • pjgmeqtf says:

      ​@GifflebunkYes in the chambers activating buttons just like the breeze interacts with things!!! It would be an anoying cute mob messing around while you fight.

    • LJan says:

      They wouldn’t care anyway

  5. Toms Money Magic says:

    This is becoming less of an actual live event. Don’t know how much of this wasn’t prerecorded. I’ve been playing Minecraft for over a decade, and have loved seeing all the updates over the years, but Minecraft live was always a place to celebrate the new year of Minecraft, and it seems like it has just become an advertisement space for lots of new projects, instead of focussing on just the game and some of the main things the community has been asking for (inventory expansion and fulfilling promises of old mobs and biomes coming to the game from the old votes)

  6. Semi-Skimmed Marmite says:

    Please cycle through old, rejected mobs in future mob votes. Maybe have one mob in each vote be one that didn’t get chosen in a previous vote?

  7. PreeAtt says:

    Thoughts on the torch flower. What if it was a light source and could be bound to arrows? That way when adventuring you could shoot torchflower arrows to light up far away areas. Shooting one would plant a torchflower. It could be planted on walls therefore via the arrows.

  8. Mark Stein says:

    How about the next mob vote should be a Bundle Pack, featuring the Unique Mob and few new features added along with the Unique Mob.

  9. Davvo9 -Davide Iannuzzi says:

    For anyone wondering: many people felt that the event was shorter, that’s because they announced only 20% of the update and there wasn’t Minecraft Dungeons (stopped updating some weeks ago)

    • Cowieman says:

      Im kinda sad they stopped updating dungeons, it had so much potential but they msde the dlc’s repetitive and not really add more content than stuff to punch

    • Aarya Sharma says:

      Hope it’s s really big update with a lot more stuff than this but they sure have added nice stuff, but I still wish for an end update

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