I COOKED ARMON A REAL DINNER 🥘🥰… I Thinks He Loves My Cooking 💋..

I COOKED ARMON A REAL DINNER 🥘🥰… I Thinks He Loves My Cooking 💋..

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38 Responses

  1. L Chatman says:

    I love y’all, Period. I’ve been waiting on y’all’s positive vibes all weekend. You guys are the best thing popping right now and I am so here for it. So naturally cute and funny together. Y’all seem good for each other in whatever capacity you decide. Looking forward to this journey.

  2. MARIAH says:

    If they ever stop being “friends” for whatever reason, I feel like I’ll cry for real. The way I’m invested cannot be healthy 🥹😩 sending positive energy to these two and i hope things continue to flourish for them.

    • Ashley Taylor says:

      I stg!!! I thought i was the only one! I love it!

    • Carol Abraham says:

      I feel the same way. I’m too invested in them!!

    • Tia Shinez says:

      They ain’t friends they been in the bae stage last few videos lol

    • Empress IsIs says:

      This is why ish go left bcus ya put this type of negativity out into the universe weather you didn’t mean no bad intentions about it or not it’s still got put out. Like relax and enjoy the good vibes ! We gone say alil prayer😇🙏🏽 father god continue to cover both of these beautiful people with ur blood and let no negativity ruin the beautiful bond they have and are creating in the name of Jesus…. Amen😇🙏🏽♥️

    • L Gail JAY says:

      Right lol

  3. Sharonda Holmes says:

    The vibe has been there from the beginning (the blind date). Buuut now that the brand new shy/nerves are wearing off a little and y’all are more comfortable around each other… The vibe is really organic!! It makes my heart smile to see ppl being genuinely happy. It’s really giving Dope AF! May yalls journey together continue to be blessed with this level of energy and desire to continue make eachother this kinda Happy!! 💚🤞🏾

  4. Elexia Brown says:

    I am wishing you two many blessings and hope and pray that y’all continue this!! You guys are showing the world this crazy generation of what a friendship/ relationship should be like . Please continue this y’all give me hope !!! Lol I jealous, but seriously I love y’all!!!!

  5. YoungQueen Annaira says:

    I love that the vibe is growing. I’m too grown to be this happy for both of y’all like this

    • tymakaeli1 says:

      Me too, too grown but I love love and good vibes so I’m here for it. Plus they are both cute young ppl just love to see good vibes but we all know how the honey moon stage is hopefully they can keep up the happiness and good vibes while getting to know eachother more & more 🥰

    • prettynicole says:


    • Malaka Stringer says:

      Ah Seriously 😂😂 I’m 29 And I Love These Two Fr. I’m Rooting For Them So Hard I Don’t Want Them To End 🥰

    • ST H says:

      Me Too

  6. A Prosperity says:

    Reginae and Armon are definitely a vibe and they make each other blush. I’m wishing yall many..many blessings coming yall way 🙏🏾 🙌🏾

  7. T. O. says:

    Reginae’s personality is so engaging especially for youtube. She’s so comfortable on camera and confident. Her videos by herself will do well also. Armon is gone LOL, you can literally see the hearts in his eyes when he looks at her.

  8. Erin Butterfield says:

    i’ve never been invested in a couple before but i’m definitely rooting for y’all. love watching y’all energy and chemistry…ps this video definitely made up for that cookie lol

  9. Kayla S. says:

    to melt the cheese in the sauce quicker and also make it thicken up more/quicker it helps to bring the sauce to a boil for a minute and then turn it back on low! the high heat and then the low heat afterwards just helps it thicken up. it still looked good tho & y’all are soo cute together 🥹😍😍😍

  10. Malijah Serenity says:

    I love how she let him be him, yell, scream do whatever he want Lmao. She don’t be paying him no attention, like “child that’s how he always act” 😭😂💗

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