i make coffee from every country

i make coffee from every country

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This month, I tried:
Lueur De La Ville by Nicole Miller
Agua de Santos by House of Bō
Twisted Iris by The Perfumer’s Story
Wet Cherry Liquor by Bohoboco
The Hedonist by Ex Nihilo

thanks for watching team, and thanks @lastmanstanley for editing and creative directing *vine boom noise*

love u guys and see u next week 🫡

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34 Responses

  1. @Brittany_Broski says:

    Click here https://sbird.co/49wnvsr and use my code BROSKI55 to get 55% OFF your first month at Scentbird. What’s your favorite fragrance? Comment below!

  2. @mckenzy916 says:

    Britt is gonna to be caffeinated enough to start moving things if she stares at them long enough

  3. @mrjuicybeans says:

    i was a barista for 8 yrs and you making multiple drinks at once while saying “what was i doing again? there’s so much going on” and also managing to burn yourself at least once is the true barista experience

    • @redmoon8756 says:

      just got off work as a barista to this video, swear I have ptsd from this job

    • @RandomBlair says:

      sooo apparently all of us baristas are meeting up here lol Just got off my 9h shift; I’d add that knocking over a drink/apron being covered in milk is part of being barista-baptised

    • @KatnaHG27 says:

      True and real

    • @MsSaveiya says:

      One time, a coworker bumped into me after I had just made a tea, and the boiling water spilled out over my hand and even though it was EXCRUCIATING, I didn’t scream because I didn’t want the customers to hear lol I needed to use burn cream immediately after because it was SO bad omg

    • @KatnaHG27 says:

      @@MsSaveiya me when i accidentally fully gripped the steam wand while it was being used

  4. @imchristinac says:

    Obsessed with her completely changing the recipe for Irish coffee and then rating it 2.5

  5. @izzzyirl says:

    My favorite part of any making drink or food with Brittany is when she decides that the recipe is wrong and that she’s gonna do something different instead 😭😭😭

  6. @psaenz95 says:

    Brittany: I’ve been preparing for this video for weeks
    Also Britany: is missing ingredients and microwaves milk in a mug

  7. @asingularsock07 says:

    As the editor for my schools news and YouTube channel, Stanley is my hero. Thank you for your service, good sir 🫡

  8. @DeadlyWhispers says:

    You and Julien Solomita making food together would be so powerful and chaotic

  9. @ann.addiction_to_books6479 says:

    im not a coffee girly but when britany broski uploads you have to watch it, i don’t make the laws i just follow them.

  10. @nolynnerose1859 says:

    thank you for today’s service lord broski🙏🏻

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