I played Multiplayer Subnautica for 24 Hours Straight

I played Multiplayer Subnautica for 24 Hours Straight

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Socknautica → https://discord.gg/socks
Multiplayer → Nitrox

Twitter → https://bit.ly/2MrebAu
Reddit → https://bit.ly/3apoz3C
Discord → https://discord.gg/socks
Insta → https://bit.ly/2MRg4WP

today we are playing multiple subnautica with a twist. We added the largest leviathan and also added the Socknautica mod.

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29 Responses

  1. Socksfor1 says:

    sup gamers! hoped you enjoyed! if you want to play the socknautica mod at the end it will be out in discord soon!

  2. definitely not xiop says:

    it’s been a long time since you made a 24 hours series, i am glad you haven’t forgotten about it.

  3. Samurai Emperor says:

    Socks always knows how to make me swing my legs, twiddle my hair, and giggle like a school girl while being a man

  4. Piotr Halicki says:

    Socks always knows how to make my day even better than it was before

  5. Dustinvr says:

    The fact that blaza still trusted socks enough to keep going on random adventures even after all the trolling, trauma.

  6. AC_GAMER says:

    I remember watching Sock’s old Subnautica videos often, really happy to have a new video about the game

  7. Eggmaster951 says:

    My jaw dropped when I saw the thumbnail
    I can already tell this will be a great video
    Thank you socks for delivering beyond amazing content for all of us
    This editing is insane
    3:23 relatable

  8. XARMOX says:

    after years, socks finally delivered the best subnautica content we could ever ask for and we appreciate it👍❤️

  9. BlueyYT says:

    I love how Scared Socks is when he hears ONE leviathan and warns Blaza 💀

  10. Darkink says:

    I’m in shock that Socks even played this game again after his first time playing this.

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