I Ruined All of Humanity Instead of Saving It in HUMANKIND – Ad

I Ruined All of Humanity Instead of Saving It in HUMANKIND – Ad

This video is sponsored by HUMANKIND. Use this link to buy it now! https://bit.ly/LGIOxHumankind_

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I Ruined All of Humanity Instead of Saving It in HUMANKIND


HUMANKIND™ is a historical strategy game, where you’ll be re-writing the entire narrative of human history and combining cultures to create a civilization that’s as unique as you are.


Combine up to 60 historical cultures as you lead your people from the Ancient to the Modern Age. From humble origins as a Neolithic tribe, transition to the Ancient Era as the Babylonians, become the Classical era Mayans, the Medieval Umayyads, the Early Modern era British, and so on. Each culture will add its own special gameplay layer, leading to near-endless outcomes.


Face historical events, take impactful moral decisions, and make scientific breakthroughs. Discover the natural wonders of the world or build the most remarkable creations of humankind. Each game element is historically authentic. Combine them to build your own vision of the world.


The journey matters more than destination. Fame is a new and unifying victory condition. Every great deed you accomplish, every moral choice you make, every battle won will build your fame and leave a lasting impact on the world. The player with the most fame will win the game. Will you be the one to leave the deepest mark on the world?


Each battle in HUMANKIND™ plays out like a mini turn-based board game on top of the actual world map. Unstack your armies and command each of your units, including the emblematic units of your culture and their special abilities. Construct siege weapons to besiege and occupy cities. Fight in large battles spanning multiple turns, and don’t hesitate to bring in reinforcements!


In HUMANKIND™, you’ll be playing the leader of your society as an avatar that you create and customize! Your avatar will evolve visually over the course of the game as your civilization develops. You’ll also be able to level up your leader via a meta-progression system to unlock custom looks that you can showoff to strangers and friends alike in multiplayer matches up to 8 players.


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45 Responses

  1. Let's Game It Out says:

    Thanks again to HUMANKIND for sponsoring this video! Click the linkie for more info: https://bit.ly/LGIOxHumankind_

  2. NoDak Express Gaming says:

    “Humankind-enough (dejected dad joke laughter)”. Love it, love everything about it

  3. You don't need to see his identification says:

    Josh: “This video is sponsored by HUMANKIND.”

    YouTube: “Game detected: _Civilization VI_ “

  4. Commando Chicky says:

    “This person looks dignified, and we can’t have that”

  5. Gilbals says:

    I usually come to a Josh vid to enjoy chaos and surprising events, but I have to say, seeing that the Stadia still exists was the biggest shock I’ve had in a while.

  6. Skyes says:

    Whoa, 2 videos in a month. You’re spoiling us!

  7. Robert Shajari says:

    I enjoy how Josh can take a selling point of “combine 60 cultures!” that devs probably asked him to reinforce and then turn it into a running joke throughout the video 😀

    • TheC0oky says:

      The actual thing to think about is, that you still know that *Humankind combines up to 60 historical cultures!* so you can’t say their advertising doesn’t work

    • Andrew Vaughan says:

      it’s the first line in the marketing description – definitely part of the contract, also hilarious

    • SheshMeash says:


    • Chameleonred5 says:

      @TheC0oky Yes, but when we also know that it is an utter joke, rather than a reason to buy the game, can you really call it advertising?

    • TheC0oky says:

      @Chameleonred5 Well, yes. No matter if you are laughing about it or not, the statement stays the same and you have that connection to the game in your mind.

  8. The Crafting Jedi says:

    I love how he makes it super obvious when he’s trying to promo the game the way the sponsor wanted him to, versus just normal gameplay

  9. Guardoffel says:

    And I’m just here wondering how many historical cultures you can combine as you lead your people from the Ancient to Modern Age. Did he even mention that?

  10. MiG-21 Dumpster Truck says:

    I love how Josh can make “sponsor time” his entire video yet it’s still fun to watch

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