I Trapped 100 Strangers In Complete Darkness

I Trapped 100 Strangers In Complete Darkness

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28 Responses

  1. Thistleberry says:

    Austen just being basically invisible throughout the entire video unlike all the other people with traits is so funny to me- it’s also good as it shows that airrack doesn’t just stage his videos for the funniest or most interesting people to win!

  2. Bazerk says:

    Best video you have ever uploaded + best character development ive ever seen on a single youtube video

  3. Fresh Choice says:

    Austen is hilarious. Love how chill he was. Just casually made it to the end without saying a word, took his money and dipped.

  4. EADY says:

    Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints us 😇


    I really felt Jessica was gonna win this. She had a cool vibe from the start of the video while Austen gives off awkward silence right after he would talk. Congratulations to Jess :<3

  6. KeidBoi says:

    Airrack rly has some of the best content on this platform. This video was crazy and it feels like each video just keeps getting better and better!


    This is such a good video, the fact that Austin was barely even interviewed and got 2nd place is crazy to me!<3

  8. Emma Dictator says:

    Crazy to see how your much you’ve grown and just you doing videos by your self basically struggling for money now your videos are top tier quality & you’ve gained 9M subs in one year. Your the definition of anything is still possible if you have the right mindset and put your all into whatever your dream is keep it up brother !!!

  9. danimadi says:

    I like how we had this arc with Teddy, No-Pants-Man, The Murderer in a Cape, and all the other peeps who demonstrated an amazing stage persona.
    And then we have Austen. Not talking in the first round, hiding behind a curtain, just always being good enough, and he ended up getting to the last stage.

  10. David VanDuinen says:

    Amazing content. You really think outside of the box and do things people have never done before. I can’t wait for that pizza party!

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