Tom Hanks Eats His Last Meal

Tom Hanks Eats His Last Meal

Today, Josh is cooking Tom Hanks’s last meal.

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23 Responses

  1. Pixlriffs says:

    Unbelievable. The guests on this show have always been top notch but this is absolutely wild. And I don’t say this out of a desire put the Mythical Kitchen team under even more pressure, but I genuinely hope this is just the beginning

  2. CouRage says:

    This is so insane!!

  3. Travis Christiansen says:

    I’m so proud of Josh. The whole Mythical Kitchen crew has worked so hard and makes great consistent content and it’s awesome to see them get these kinds of wild opportunities! An amazing interview that makes a massive superstar actor just sound like a regular guy. Hot Ones needs to watch out because the unconventional interview via food is not just their arena anymore and its their crown to lose. Incredible episode!

    • kyle ashby says:

      It’s never been their own idea but Josh has interview skills and the mythical team interviews in way totally different from befrs sonny and chicken shop date etc…

  4. Alex Brunk says:

    You hear all the great things about Tom Hanks and you think to yourself “but surely he can’t actually be this perfect” and then he goes and guests on one of your favorite YouTube programs and you can’t help but be convinced. What an amazing person. What an interview, Josh!

  5. PragMagik says:

    Tom Hank’s last words being “We’ll be right back” is both iconic and haunting.

  6. Odditorium Leviathan says:

    I love how Josh keeps being his oddball self even in front of Tom Hanks

  7. Im Almost Batman says:

    This was THE PERFECT interview. Nothing felt forced or awkward, everything flowed naturally, the questions were amazing, and it just felt like two people just talking like it’s a regular conversation. Amazing job, yall.

  8. Nora says:

    Tom saying “There’s nothing more life altering than some form of a knock on the door” makes me feel a little less lonely. Great wisdom and lovely advice. Awestruck by Tom coming onto the show and congrats to the team!

  9. Enoxix says:

    Man! Amazing how they are able to get Tom Hanks on the show! 😁

  10. richardson. says:

    This did something to me. It made me genuinely feel warm. Watching Josh vibe out with TOM FREAKING HANKS about life was not on the bingo card for today, but I’m glad I got to mark it. Tom’s simple explanation of God: Grace, Order, Direction… That was the highlight for me in a highlight-filled episode. This is my new favorite episode of the series.

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