I Tried Food From Every State In America

I Tried Food From Every State In America

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30 Responses

  1. DJ Faraon says:

    You should do this with european countries that would be freaking awsome! An hour project with the full spectrum would be so amazing.

  2. Viperlt86 says:

    I’m just impressed at the amount of cooking and eating this required. I kind of hope it was spread out over like a week.

  3. Santino Cartelli says:

    As a New Jerseyan, you should’ve had it on a bagel (not a wack flat one) and you need salt pepper and ketchup on that. Also the Taylor Ham pork roll taste varies depending on what brand you’re using. I’d say Taylor Ham brand is the best to use personally.

    • normandy says:

      as a fellow new jerseyan i agree, taylor ham brand porkroll is much larger then the porkroll he used and it has to be on a bagel with ketchup minimum

    • Caitlin Watch says:

      a jersey bagel, no store bought bagel. the spk is a must

    • Andy Schmid says:

      What was that roll? of course it’s going to be too salty on that glorified paper. For me I go Pork Roll egg and cheese with hot sauce on an everything bagel

    • Lucas says:

      NJ and NY definitely got shafted here a bit. I’m okay with thinking these things are mid-tier, but you at least have to do it right.

    • Aaron Tulloch says:

      @Andy Schmid It looks like a failed attemp at a kaiser roll, and he put alot of salt on the egg, if he would have tasted the pork roll first he wouldn’t have added so much salt to the egg, and he would have added some damn pepper

  4. Ian says:

    Honestly I think a cookbook with all 50 of these recipes would be awesome

  5. Ultimate Free says:

    As a Georgian, I was a bit surprised the dish wasn’t peach related, but shock that not only Georgia made it to S tier, but got third place

  6. bigredjustin says:

    I would love to see a sequel of this list after you’ve gone to the states and tried their foods the way they make it

  7. Jaden H says:

    1:22 Utah
    1:50 New Jersey
    2:23 Ohio
    3:08 Minnesota
    3:31 Oklahoma
    3:52 New Mexico
    4:25 Wisconsin
    4:52 West Virginia
    5:30 North Carolina
    6:04 Hawaii
    6:40 Wyoming
    7:24 Texas
    8:01 Washington
    8:28 Arkansas
    9:21 Missouri
    9:41 Nevada
    10:02 Delaware
    10:26 Rhode Island
    10:53 South Dakota
    11:20 North Dakota
    11:49 Alabama
    12:21 Virginia
    12:43 Iowa
    13:16 Indiana
    13:49 Alaska
    14:40 Michigan
    15:07 Colorado
    15:33 Maine
    16:03 Connecticut
    16:41 Tennessee
    17:08 Louisiana
    17:46 Mississippi
    18:08 Florida
    18:55 Massachusetts
    19:27 Kentucky
    20:10 Idaho
    20:52 Kansas & Nebraska
    21:35 Georgia
    21:59 New York
    22:29 Montana
    22:55 Arizona
    23:19 South Carolina
    23:42 New Hampshire
    24:10 Maryland
    24:46 Pennsylvania
    25:07 Oregon
    25:40 Illinois
    26:32 Vermont
    27:15 California

  8. SALMOMLOX says:

    Congratulations on the release of your cookbook 🥰 This was a fun episode and I know so much work went into making this. Thank you for all you do.

  9. xkristixx says:

    Illinoian here: Italian beef is SO underrated and I’m glad you rated it so highly because it deserves S tier!

  10. adanteallegro says:

    Colorado here! I’m genuinely surprised that you didn’t have to make Rocky Mountain Oysters for our state, haha. I’ve actually never had pork chile verde stew, though I know of a real good Mexican restaurant that serves it. I ought to give that a shot next time!

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