I buy and build 10 cheap, basic and old Lego sets, then upgrade them to be way better…

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🎶 MUSIC credits:
Epidemic Sound: https://share.epidemicsound.com/c3oiyn

Frequently asked questions:
Where do I buy my Lego?
– Bricklink.com and Lego store pick a brick wall
Do I have instructions for my Lego builds?
– No
What software do I use to edit my videos?
– Final Cut Pro X
What gear do I use to film/record my videos?
– Canon EOS R8, RODE VideoMic Go

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34 Responses

  1. TD BRICKS says:

    A lot of fans suggested this video. Tell me what you want next and it might come true!

  2. ItsR3van_Yt says:

    These upgrades were fire. Especially the tomb lego set from the 19s. That was gold!

  3. Brandi Cowen says:

    we have to appreciate how much work Ty puts into this channel just to entertain us keep it up! ❤

  4. Wannoh says:

    Recently started creating videos, and you, TD Bricks are a true inspiration!

  5. Impulse bricks says:

    Already know I will have a good day, get up and immediately a TD video, and it’s one of my favorite things he does, making Lego sets better, keep it up ! ❤

  6. Sticky Bricks says:

    TD You’re videos are improving every day! Keep up the good work my friend!😎👍

  7. Sacred says:

    Walmart bucket hat > gucci bucket hat

  8. Wen Khiey Teh says:

    As a car lover, the Sports Car upgrade was my favourite.😄

  9. Bastian Sheel says:

    You never disappoint Td!

  10. Kid Collectable404 says:

    You always make great content for us man! Thank you!

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