I Bought 250 MYSTERY Costume RETURNS

I Bought 250 MYSTERY Costume RETURNS

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40 Responses

  1. HopeScope says:

    Hopefuls, start your online store today with a Free Shopify trial! click here 👉🏼 shopify.com/hopescope

  2. Hagaren~ says:

    I’m not a halloween person at all, but I do like watching Hope trying out some silly costumes for our entertainment :”D

  3. Jenn Rocchi says:

    Hope…if you ever do this again, and HopeScopers who have old costumes around…please 🙏 consider donating the costumes to a children’s hospital! I have been a pediatric nurse for 20 years, we collect donated costumes every year and give them to kids that are stuck in the hospital for Halloween. on the big day, we reverse Trick-or-Treat, staff and volunteers go to each patient’s room to give them candy and small gifts!! it’s amazing to see their little faces light up when they still get treats on Halloween ❤

  4. Erica Deleo says:

    I work in a warehouse for a couple years. Those boxes are original manufacturer shipping boxes. Looks like they had overstock that never made it to store. This was definitely worth the money.

    • Nehama W says:

      Or possibly just stock that was old and not bought? Thanks for sharing this info!

    • Erica Deleo says:

      @nehamaw6586  Yes definitely. Many stores will sell seasonal things cheaply to discount stores like Marshall’s, Tj Maxx or Dollar tree.

  5. Molly Middagsfjell says:

    As non American who used to live in America, the way you celebrate Halloween is an incredible concept 😂

  6. Ann DuFour says:

    Hope, you are not only HILARIOUS but also such a thoughtful person. Selling these costumes for a Penny is amazing. People are struggling so bad in today’s economy and may not be able to afford a costume for their kids or themselves. God bless you and your husband. ✝️❤️

    • Evie Tierney says:


    • Melody Lush Paradisco says:

      Yes agreed she really is, she’s humble and so loving, I love seeing people that use there amazing life to help others. Like she is not selfish at all, honestly she is what we all should strive for. Such a wonderful person. love you HOPE❤ been a fan for awhile ur videos are just life for me and I love that u and Mia maples are friends she’s my other favorite

  7. Jeannie FromTahini says:

    Look at you girl, bringing silly joy to the world. I love halloween, but I think most of the fun I have with it is/was making my costume. Buying costumes never made any sense to me.

  8. Pavi Pandey says:

    You’re one of the very few Youtubers who actually put so much work, passion for your viewers and value everyone’s opinion
    Also loving us !❤️
    thank you so much for your hard work keep smiling hope!
    Love from India
    Your new hair is slaying✨✨✨💕

  9. Azlina Goldstein says:

    Can we all agree that Hope’s new hair slays

  10. Ryan preece boy says:

    You and Mia Maples are my absolute FAVORITES. You both are so entertaining and do SO much to help others. Your followers appreciate you so much 🙏 Thank you for being you!! ❤

    • Rhiannon evans says:

      The other day I saw a hopescope comment on a Mia maples vid so good to see YouTubers supporting fellow YouTubers especially my two favourites ❤❤

    • Ryan preece boy says:

      @user-bi4xk9in7c  yeah I’ve seen her comments too. I LOVE it!

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