I visited Mr Beast

I visited Mr Beast

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In this video I (Fundy) Went to America to visit all of my friends even some from the Dream SMP (known for TommyInnit, Tubbo, GeorgeNotFound, Quackity, and tons others) such as MrBeast, Karl Jacobs, Ranboo, Nolan, JSchlatt, Slimecicle, ConnorEatsPants, And a bunch more people! I vlogged myself together with Some of the MrBeast team in SquidGame, which I participated in! This was a super fun challenge / and it was a ton of fun meeting everyone. I hope you enjoyed this one, and definitely stay tuned for part 2!

AdhesiveWombat – 8 Bit Adventure
9AM Animal Crossing
Cloudy Court Galaxy
Shifty Boo Mansion
Good Egg Planet
Fantastic Planet
Bloo Bay Beach
Coconut Mall
Beedle’s Air Shop
In The Shadows
Bravely Second End Layer OST
Uptown Topher Mohr
Bowser’s Galaxy Generator
Myrone Zadok

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31 Responses

  1. Debo Gaming says:

    Okay but it’s actually pretty wild to think that him deciding to press “go live” some time ago literally got him this far

  2. Animagician says:

    Fundy: “idk if I’ll fit in the car, I’m pretty tall”

    Also Fundy: Immediately starts driving a car 1/4 his size

  3. Matt Antoinne Vran A. Miro says:

    Hearing Nolan with his Normal Voice makes him seem like a different person.

  4. ItsJim says:

    he protec 
    he throw hands

    but most importantly


  5. Potat0Cat says:

    Fundy is the type of guy to ask, “is anybody going to drive that?” And not wait for an answer

  6. MrBeast says:

    I visited fundy

  7. Stephen - Brawl Stars says:

    The funniest thing about this is the fact that they keep a tons of mannequin parts and puts them on a pile 😂

  8. MothIsNotHere says:

    I swear Fundy is the type of guy to see MrBeast, ask “Is anyone gonna taser him” and not wait for an answer

  9. MothIsNotHere says:

    “We got a maid Fundy to remind me of my past mistakes😀”
    The cheerful tone he said it in has me DYING

  10. Adelle Animates says:

    Watching Charlie, Fundy and Schlatt freak out over a house on wheels was the funniest thing I’ve seen today.

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