First Take reacts to Antonio Brown leaving during the game in the Buccaneers-Jets matchup

First Take reacts to Antonio Brown leaving during the game in the Buccaneers-Jets matchup

First Take reacts to Antonio Brown leaving during the game in the Buccaneers-Jets matchup
The First Take crew reacts to Antonio Brown taking off his equipment and leaving the field in the third quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Week 17 win against the New York Jets. Head coach Bruce Arians said after the game that AB is no longer a member of the team.
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49 Responses

  1. PM2022🤬 says:

    Was a great game. This only added to the excitement. I wish AB the best and hope he rights his own ship 🚢

  2. LawyerUp says:

    The AB movie in 10-20 years is going to be lit…

  3. Bryston Roberts says:

    AB is like that bad kid in school. No one knows exactly what’s going on but we get to a point where we finally start to understand him, and then something happens that causes him to blow up, and because it’s AB no matter what the situation was if it was the coaches/staff, or if it were all internal he’s going to have to deal with the consequences.

    • Charlie Gollmar says:

      You mean the kid that everyone continues to give the benefit of the doubt and ignore the YEARS of history of ridiculous, violent, terrible behavior that he’s exhibited for the world to see?

    • king shark says:

      @Adam …. want you sit back, and think. So a person has to be all that to the point , that they can be walked all over.

      According to you, .. under your guise, you would still be at the 1st of everything you encountered. Never evolving or realizing the con.

      No wonder ab looks crazy to people, he’s exercising his will and its freaking people out. No wonder yall always on some freedom talk, see someone get some freedom even at a price and call them crazy.


    • Devon Nortan says:

      Brown wanted them big bucks bonus from the Bucs

    • king shark says:

      @Devon Nortan … so what made him throw it away. I’m thinking he really didn’t care and the ahhhhh haaa moment of the yrs hit him and like the matrix, he woke up.

      Seeing him peel all that stuff off him looked like what? … when they wake you up and unplug you.

    • Otu Olu says:

      So this is simple its called Bipolar disorder same thing kanye west has…. these people are not in control of their mental they can’t control their anger if they could they would they have no insight to their mental health condition so they rarely sick help or adhere to meds…… and the worst case are those of the antonio browns where everybody around them see them as $ signs and are afraid to speak the truth to them… dont feel sorry or criticize this man… understand Bioplar disorder to better understand the behavior….

  4. Scenic Fights says:

    Never seen something like this lol. For what it’s worth, the Bucs managed to come back and win after AB left.

  5. Dats a paddlin says:

    Ryan Clark been telling people for years 😂. He was always right about AB.

    • Dats a paddlin says:

      @Rodger Hughes they are not gonna risk him saying he is hurt against the Jets when the playoffs are about to start 😂. He walked out on them for his own reasons. That’s all this is. The hurt story don’t even make sense. Go play hurt or ima cut you right before the playoffs lol. They went on to win that game without him. No one on the team has confirmed that story. Not even AB.

    • Cody Montour says:

      @SEMINOLE INDIAN He didn’t seem injured when he was stripping half his equipment off and pumping up the crowd.

    • Carter Hart says:

      @SEMINOLE INDIAN he saids he has a hurt ankle, jumping up in the endzone and running to the tunnel really proves his case that he was hurt

    • MoneyChaser$$$ says:

      @SEMINOLE INDIAN he wasn’t hurt. he was mad that tom was going to gronk instead of him

    • TheWordMercy82 says:

      Ryan Clark has been a sniveling little suckup sellout for years

  6. John Dorsey says:

    It’s 11:50ish so I’ve watched almost the entire show. Dan and Ryan need their own show. I love these two together. Stephen A. needs to worry about everything else he has going on with ESPN, which is a lot. I think he should pass First Take on to them.

    • Ace of Spades says:

      @Alessandro Bianchi he’s banging Molly Q huh?

    • Staytruealways says:

      People can say what they want about stephen.A but the min ESPN lets him go the energy and hype of ESPN will disappear and the same people begging for him to be removed will be begging for him to come back and with FOX right around the corner waiting for a situation like this to happen, the likelihood of this happening is slim to none.

    • Staytruealways says:

      What’s “everything else” he has worry about? genuinely asking btw.

    • Adrian Bishop says:

      Stephen A. need to worry abt that F’d Up TAPE he got – and hope not to see Jalen Rose in Detroit…

    • James Collieson says:

      These guys are a great duo. Not shouting at each other but complementing each other. Now Moly ….🤣

  7. Aaron Porter Jr. says:

    In all seriousness, prayers go up for AB, and if it’s something very serious I hope he gets the proper help and has the proper love and people around him.

  8. M Pennant says:

    Getting the right type of help is the most important thing for AB

    • Beats4Life says:

      🤣🤣🤣 he was injured. Arians told him we tell u when u injured and when we want u in the game. If u not going to play then u out the game. Then, AB departed the game. 🤫 AOL sports got the full report.

    • Sean Michaluk says:

      he doesn’t need help…he simply left the game because they were getting smoked and the moronic coaches had their best player benched?…why?because he isn’t stupid enough to follow covid protocols and believes he has the choice on what to put into his body!…33

  9. KC says:

    Spot on Dan. Never kick another man when he’s in a bad place

  10. Mark Russell says:

    The chain of events from the cincy (knockout) hit to now, is crazy. I’m thinking CTE is also a factor

    • Ricky says:

      I really believe Burfict ruined his career and life

    • Edward Mcgee says:

      They can’t admit that on mainstream media.

    • KU Eshun says:

      You think he hasn’t been tested for that?

      After all these, you think the NFL would have him running on these fields without some kinds of assessment?

      After their CTE law suits?

      Come on…

    • Edward Mcgee says:

      @KU Eshun You can’t diagnose CTE until the person has died. That’s why athletes have volunteered to donate their brains when they die. The erratic and self-destructive behavior of Brown continuously ramping up over the years especially after the Burfict hit says a lot. If he does not have CTE I will be surprised because his actions are the same as others who had it and what doctors describe as symptoms.

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