If you like pancakes, I kill you

If you like pancakes, I kill you

Waffles vs Pancakes

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23 Responses

  1. Parrot says:

    I’ll be honest I like pancakes wayyy more but when I heard there was a deranged man killing people for liking them, I had no choice but to pick waffles lol

  2. Woofy says:

    Rek: looks at invisible player
    Also Rek: Have you ever heard of this thing called cheating

  3. Bitzel says:

    im hungry now

  4. Mapicc says:

    i lowkey just said waffles so that you wouldnt kill me

  5. Jujhar Animation says:

    All that skywars grinding made Parker a PVP god lmaooo, also, love the thumbnail

  6. lizard yt says:

    “Well if that toddler likes pancakes then it’s absolutely justified”
    Same energy as “I dropkicked that child as SELF DEFENSE “

  7. Wa La says:

    “Waffles are Pancakes with Abs”
    -rekrap2, 2022

  8. Ayundaru says:

    Waffle AND pancakes are bad. Crepes are where it’s at

  9. Ninja Chicken says:

    I’m not sure what I like better, on one hand I like the texture of pancakes better, but then again, waffles hold the syrup in better.
    Both have many different flavors and are equally easy to make.
    Waffles are usually fluffier, but pancakes still have that perfect feel in your mouth.
    Frozen waffles are better than frozen pancakes and waffles can be crispy.
    But pancakes usually soak up syrup better and are slightly healthier than waffles in traditional recipes.

  10. 07duckboy says:

    I love how dead-ass serious rek gets into things like this. Great video

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