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edited by Jake Mayer https://www.instagram.com/jakeshotfriend/

music video credits
director / producer Patrick Tohill
director of photography Diego Cacho
camera operator Colin Noel
1st assistant camera Athena Kulb
gaffer Braden Payne
key grip Jake Moore
bbg Hudson curry
art director Sophia Lauer
hair / makeup artist Stacy Lockhart
production manager Katie Babbage
production assistant Jordan Henderson
production assistant Ryan Russell
special thanks Matt Hogan

friend 1 Jake Williams
friend 2 Coleton Moon
friend 3 Timothy Krentz
personal assistant Skylan Kimbrell
makeup artist Lindsay Hope
kevin jonas Conner Larsen

song produced by Fantom

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42 Responses

  1. nickisnotgreen says:

    that music video made me move my hips and flap my lips! thanks

  2. relish says:

    As a theatre kid AND a band kid, this movie makes me cry. But it’s not happy tears.

  3. Shawn Gonzalez says:

    Danny is looking more and more like an unhinged art teacher

  4. [M0ST] spoons says:

    Danny’s hair looks like a Japanese ocean painting it’s dope

  5. Alina Bishop says:

    Normal people: telling stories sitting down

    Danny: makes a freaking music video about it

  6. Katie Bailey says:

    Danny coming in and saying the lyrics for hey Mickey with a straight face, then looking like he’s zoning out is a mood

  7. Emrys says:

    I have a feeling Danny ghosted Kevin because he subconsciously remembered what an idiot he was in Camp Rock and realised this guy wasn’t worth his time

  8. Aster Risk says:

    My husband is a drummer, and that’s honestly an accurate portrayal. He will drum everywhere on pretty much anything. The garden section at stores with all the ceramic pots is his favorite.

    • Ian Fluencer says:

      I’m a drummer and I do have to comment, I drummed on my door so hard it fell over, ANDDD my dogs corpse wasn’t spared.

    • Marieve Poney-Poirier says:

      Same! We were at a japanese restaurant and while waiting for the food, he was playing drums with the chopsticks and I told him to stop because it could be annoying for people sitting around us. Then the waiter came and politely explained to him that it was disrespectful to his culture and that made him stop immediately 😓 that was a humbling and embarrassing moment, but he did learn a lesson for the chopsticks! Although, he’ll still drum on tables with other kitchen utensils in restaurants 🤦🏼‍♀️ I guess he just marches to the beat of his own drum 😅

    • sonic exe gaming says:

      @Don’t Read Profle Photo ok i wont thanks

    • NoNancyZ says:

      The most accurate part of this movie

    • says:


  9. sadlystuckinreality says:

    Nah, I don’t care if this movie is corny. ‘This is Me’ absolutely still slaps. Can’t believe I still got chills.

  10. Psycho Weasley says:

    to be fair, my brother is a percussionist and he is exactly like how they portray the drummer in this movie. he’s constantly tapping and banging on things, with sticks or without them

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