I’m Just Pete – SNL

I’m Just Pete – SNL

Pete Davidson sings a song about himself.

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29 Responses

  1. Kmac says:

    He leaned into everything said about him and I respect that, even the car crash at the end 😂

  2. A A says:

    Pete did amazing this episode. I couldn’t stop laughing. Great to see him back!!! 😂😂

  3. SashaTheGamerz says:

    “People online still call me skete because of a guy who’s name I can’t say legally” 😭 got me rolling it was so emotional yet funny for some reason

  4. Ramirez Productions says:

    This is gotta be one of the funniest skits of the night! This sketch definitely got me laughing and dancing at the same time! Boy Pete, you are one heck of a comedian!

  5. GrotrianSeiler says:

    Love Pete. He’s so real. Haters gonna hate. They’re all wrong.

  6. Victoria Novak says:

    This is exactly why I missed SNL. Love how Pete can make fun of himself like this.

  7. Izzy Maurer says:

    This was an incredibly faithful recreation of the scene from the movie, shout out to the art department and everyone who worked hard on the choreo, wardrobe, and general vibes. And this was a very funny way to work in what people have been saying about Devon Walker looking like Peter since he was cast!

  8. Maddie Hoinka says:

    Somehow Pete is STILL the best part of SNL and he isn’t even on the show anymore lmao this is a masterpiece

    • Canais Young says:

      Yeah, but now he’s competing with Weekend Update and the Please Don’t Destroy shorts. When he was on the show, he competed with Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, and Kate McKinnon (and, to a lesser extent, Kenan Thompson, but Kenan earned that right to be the bright spot for those who think SNL has gone lackluster).

    • Clemers Monroe says:

      Worst snl character of all time.

    • lurklingX says:

      i miss pete so much. i WATCHED snl again, just for him. actually saw him briefly on that brooklyn 911 show (i think that’s the name) and i was really curious about him. saw at a friends and got the name, then he showed me some snl with him. he’s one of my favorite comedians.

    • Does It Matter? says:

      Uh no

  9. Anthony Riche says:

    That ending had me lol. Looks like Pete has really grown as a comedian. He looks and sounds more confident now and he’s going for it with more gusto. Welcome back Pete and SNL!

  10. Melissa Ngai says:

    The best thing about Pete is that he acknowledges and leans into everything anyone says about him. He’s not afraid and not ashamed. And even if he is ashamed, he still jokes about it!

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