Is the Las Vegas Sphere Worth It?

Is the Las Vegas Sphere Worth It?

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46 Responses

  1. @wehngo says:

    Incredible that Eddy was crazy enough to go to every single Vegas Sphere in the country

  2. @cinnamonflavord says:

    My parents, who live there, and I were discussing this. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the company was hemoragging cash just to power the damn thing. That power could be better used for powering Archimedes II or a securitron army

  3. @vincentsperling4262 says:

    I am so excited for The Sphere 50 years in the future when the panels aren’t getting replaced in a reasonable enough time, and it’s a horrible, broken monstrosity.

    • @Flashv28 says:

      As much als i’d like to see that, this would not happen in Vegas.
      As soon as the sphere dosent make enough money over a year it will be demolished because the land is too valuable. There will be some other dystopian feverdream there though

    • @cassiesnbee says:

      This is also how I feel about my regular human body

    • @ebiooo says:

      The sphere’s outside display isn’t actually made up of panels, instead it’s a bunch of LEDs which will make the replacement cost much cheaper because you just have to replace the broken “pixels” instead of a whole section. Idk about the inside though

    • @MysteryMii says:

      @@ebiooo The inside should be similar. That’s essentially what most big screens at venues like this are like, they’re made of multiple panels that can be swapped out if one has issues.

    • @Snzi-mr8wu says:

      I’m a 120 year old man i’ve truly not been so emotionally shook ever since beethoven played his last piece. I truly now know what it means to be a vamp. Thank you Playboi Carti

  4. @Cristin647 says:

    As someone who worked on the Strip for over a year while the Sphere was being built, I recall it looking like the Death Star because of all the scaffolding, and I think it looked cooler than the finished design. It was fun and also didn’t blind me every time I drove past it at night on my way home from work.

    • @qualityfreak9611 says:

      I remember taking photos of it on my way to work but only when the f1 barricades were being put up cuz of how dystopian it looked to me

    • @miamiataco3143 says:

      Man,, every single car in Vegas is just a person. Maybe like you, on their way home from work.

  5. @Johnny2Cellos says:

    Saw Postcards from Earth a couple months back and I was kinda blown away by how much I enjoyed it. But you hit the nail on the head, the message of the movie was hilariously conflicting with its venue. I wondered if it was intentional on Aronofsky’s part. Undermine the entire concept.

    • @cloudbrooks says:

      wealthy people who can afford the sphere are the ones who need to hear that message the most, so it mqkes enough sense for me

    • @Wuffskers says:

      @@cloudbrooks also tbf I doubt the people in charge of the sphere pay much attention or care, it’s just “oh yeah, known director, make something pretty so that we can use this venue to make money” and they either don’t even bother watching it or if they do they don’t care as long as they get money

    • @snallywrotskin7977 says:

      I was thinking the same thing Johnny analyze horseshow

    • @KetsubanSolo says:

      ​@Wuffskers more likely it’s “if we give off the appearance of looking like we care, that’s just as good enough as caring for the average person… even though we clearly don’t.”

  6. @somecat3367 says:

    What makes the Sphere feel more dystopian is where it’s located. I live in Vegas, which I know a lot of people in the comments are saying but hear me out. When we say Vegas, we mean everywhere around it. Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, etc. It’s a place of millions of people of mostly middle to low class status who deal with terrible inflation in their groceries and gas, constant construction getting in the way of daily travel, a poor functioning school district with a current teacher strike (though apparently they’ve reached an agreement?), and to top it all off, we have a terrible homelessness and crime problem that is not getting any better dispite awareness and action from multiple organizations. What makes it frustrating to locals is that it has nothing to do with Clark Country (the district Vegas is located in) being underfunded. They have money. The world sees this in the billion dollar epileptic nightmare, and we locals see this in things like our housing problem, where they are constantly building expensive fancy houses yet not doing anything about unaffordable existing homes. Or in our school district where the superintendent keeps getting his salary raised while we are facing a teacher shortage and violence in our classrooms. Yes, I’m aware that the state and local government is not paying for the whole project, but they still decided they’d focus on it before dealling with our other issues. The point is that this project is a dystopia, as also made clear by Eddy’s video, because it puts the entertainment of the wealthy, most of whom don’t even live in the state, before the welfare of struggling locals.

    Anyways, great video! Love seeing my home talked about more 🙂

    • @Stupididiot67 says:

      Dont worry if you just pull yourself up by your bootstraps you will be a billionaire like Elon Musk!!! Didnt you know that capitalism pulls people out of poverty???

    • @thomgizziz says:

      Dude your groceries and gas are the same price as the places around you and less than LA… wtf are you talking about?

    • @Hjernespreng says:

      @@thomgizziz What does that have to do with ANYTHING? That it’s bad somewhere else means it can’t be bad there, even when things are actively getting worse?
      And the commenter is specifically talking about the part of the population in the LOWER income brackets.

  7. @PhtevenTheDuck says:

    I love how your videos stray further and further from the traditional video essay into a sort of artistic short documentary-meets-drama format

  8. @LeonTaylor-vq1jx says:

    I was not expecting that scene at the end, what a beautiful way to convey how technology has impacted to world

  9. @levihayes5775 says:

    Can’t stop thinking about how good the final montage is at 30:03. Incredibly well made and thought provoking.

  10. @gabrielleduplessis7388 says:

    As soon as you mentioned there was a lion on the screen, my mind immediately went to that ray Bradbury story where kids were spoiled by their smart house to the point that as soon as their parents tried discipling them, the kids fed them to the svellovision lions.

    I asked, we are not at that point, are we? I think we passed it, but dang.

    • @satanicpanic6938 says:

      do we have that kind of tech already? not yet. are there kids spoiled enough to that? yeah, have been as long as there’s been an upper class. it’s just that we have so much access to peoples’ lives and stories now that it seems suddenly out of place- and also it’s a lot easier to do now. wrapping your kids in a cocoon of privilege and ignorance or letting them grow up without deep personal connections has never been good for the human psyche.

    • @vksharma4387 says:

      The Veldt

    • @gabrielleduplessis7388 says:

      @@vksharma4387 right. I haven’t read it since ninth grade so I forgot the title of it, but boy does the premise stick with you.

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