Indie World Showcase 11.14.2023 – Nintendo Switch

Indie World Showcase 11.14.2023 – Nintendo Switch

Check out a selection of indie games from around the world coming to Nintendo Switch in the latest Indie World Showcase!

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00:00 – Indie World Showcase Intro
00:29 – Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution
02:37 – Core Keeper
04:13 – On Your Tail
06:35 – Howl
08:14 – The Star Named EOS
10:20 – Backpack Hero
11:24 – Blade Chimera
12:16 – A Highland Song
14:32 – Moonstone Island
15:28 – Death Trick: Double Blind
17:54 – Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition
19:48 – Planet of Lana
19:59 – Enjoy the Diner
20:09 – Heavenly Bodies
20:22 – The Gecko Gods
20:33 – Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist
20:45 – Urban Myth Dissolution Center
20:57 – Braid: Anniversary Edition
21:10 – Indie World Showcase Outro

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42 Responses

  1. aketsu says:

    Not much here I’m particularly crazy about, but I always appreciate the unique ideas indie devs bring to the table that Triple A otherwise wouldn’t have. Beautiful art direction nine times out of ten too.

    • This guy Dannyyy says:

      No additional details to the upcoming 2024 Mario games, no DLC for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, no GameCube Nintendo Switch Online service, no Silksong, no updating Nintendo Switch profiles of adding 50 titles to the Nintendo Switch Play Activity profiles instead of 20 titles, no Metroid Prime 4, L Direct

      I only said that because people in the live chat during the stream were asking for Mario and Zelda games, so that’s why I implied the listings related to the Nintendo Direct so don’t take it serious

    • Fancy2209 says:

      ​@This guy Dannyyythis isn’t a direct

    • Kitsuna_Gacha says:

      @This guy Dannyyy…aside from Silksong, you seem to have missed the entire point of Indie World…

    • Noah Sabadish says:

      Outer Wilds is one of the best games ever made and it’s finally on Switch

    • Pancat says:

      I think that Outer Wilds being ported was one of the biggest announcements here. I’m glad that new people are going to be able to experience one of my favourite games of all time!
      And there wasn’t anything here that looked bad, at least. All were creative and have passion behind them!

  2. Ethan Buckley says:

    There were a lot of charming little games in this showcase — my main regret is that some of the ones just in the montage at the end seemed like they deserved more time. I wanted a bigger spotlight on the geckos!!

  3. Ilán Laham says:


    0:00 Intro
    0:28 Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution (releases in 2024)
    2:35 Core Keepers (releases on Summer 2024)
    4:11 On Your Tail (releases in 2024)
    6:33 Howl (full game and free demo both available today)
    8:12 The Star Named EOS (releases on Spring 2024)
    10:18 Backpack Hero (available today)
    11:22 Blade Chimera (releases on Spring 2024)
    12:13 A Highland Song (releases December 5, 2023; pre-orders available today)
    14:30 Moonstone Island (releases on Spring 2024)
    15:26 Death Trick: Double Blind (releases in 2024, free demo available today)
    17:52 Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition (releases on December 7, 2023; pre-orders available today; physical version releasing in 2024)
    19:47 Planet of Lana (releases on Spring 2024)
    19:59 Enjoy the Diner (available today)
    20:09 Heavenly Bodies (releases on February 2024)
    20:21 The Gecko Gods (releases on Spring 2024)
    20:33 Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist (available today)
    20:45 Urban Myth Dissolution Center (releases in 2024)
    20:57 Braid, Anniversary Edition (releases on April 30, 2024)

  4. Semudara says:

    Lots of very interesting games, including some I’ve been really hoping to see! My one big criticism: a lot of those games were just shoved into the highlight reel at the end. This could have been a longer, fuller presentation! I would have loved a bit more spotlight on Gecko Gods, Passpartout 2, and the fascinating-looking Urban Myth Dissolution Center, just to name a few. Don’t give such incredible looking gems the short shrift, ya know?

    • FriendlyPlagueDoctor says:

      Yeah. Honestly the ones shown at the end reel were the most interesting to me.

    • Derple says:

      Well Passpartout 2 comes out today anyway so It’s not like It needed it, but I get what your saying. More in-depth look at what the game actually is cause even I don’t know what it is based from here. But I’ll just look up the trailer anyway

    • G. S says:

      Gecko Gods had a full spotlight in a previous indie direct so that’s probably why the only got the reel this time

  5. JustAGamer says:

    Don’t overlook Planet of Lana; I played it via Game Pass and it really is a charming little game. Shantae, Chimera Blade, and Urban Myth Dissolution are the ones I have my eye on from this presentation. Might grab that Outer Wilds physical version when it launches, too.

    • Lee Purdy says:

      Yeah, I’ll be getting Outer Wilds on physical too. Just put it on my Go and Steam Deck, but would love to have it on the Switch physically and on a portable that can play it longer. I’ll be curious if the graphics will look exactly as they did in the trailer and what the frame rate will be. Should be at least 30 fps, hopefully higher; but definitely playable and enjoyable at a locked 30 or consistently around 30, especially on the smaller screen.

    • Gerald Simpson says:

      You are so right. Planet of Lana is such a underrated game. I also played and streamed the game by playing it from Game Pass and it was such a great game. I do hope there is a physical copy of this game

    • David Tang says:

      Planet of Lana was the one that caught my eye! And Braid of course… never had an XBox and I’ve always been interested since Indie Game: The Movie

    • mel b says:

      ​@Gerald Simpsonnot underated, it was praised

  6. Nick Woodworth says:

    So excited to finally be able to get Moonstone Island on Switch! Been wanting that on Switch since I tried it on Steam!

  7. TurboPikachu says:

    Shantae mostly carried the Indie World for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by On Your Tail; precisely the kind of stuff I hope to see from Indie Worlds

  8. Jello says:

    A lot of solid looking titles to look forward to!

  9. Sparkxii says:

    Outer Wilds and Shantae caught my attention. It’s nice to see other indie projects, even if they’re not my tastes. I might be a Hollow Knight fan, but please let other Indie Teams shine!

  10. abakusx says:

    I am so happy to see Outer Wilds finally on Switch. Please please, dont sleep on this gem of a game, even if you, on the first glance, can not see why it is so beloved, give it a try.

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