Audacy Live: Jung Kook

Audacy Live: Jung Kook

Get ready to feel ‘Golden’! Jung Kook is joining us for a very exciting Audacy Live to celebrate his new album 💜✨

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16 Responses

  1. Tania C♡ says:

    Here are those who love Jungkook our Golden Maknae💚💛💜

  2. Фарида Калеидарова says:

    Браво!!! Супер!!! Золотой Чонгук!! Мы любим тебя !!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. roxanne muscat says:

    Jung Kook is incredibly talented, and this album is the proof! His vocals and dancing skills are amazing! So proud of you JK, you are really GOLDEN!!!

  4. Эльмира Rush says:

    Это что-то нереальное! Чонгук великолепен!!!

  5. 강효정 says:

    한 편의 뮤지컬 영화를 본 것 같아요
    세트, 구성, 스토리, 댄서들도 멋져요
    정국이 노래, 춤, 연기 완벽하네요

  6. Елена Волкова says:

    Сколько новых красок он добавил в песни вокалом, какой он классный, он с каждым разом вcё круче и круче. Ты лучший Jungkook.

  7. Галина Хрипунова says:

    Профессионально, очень красиво, талантливый JungKook

  8. Pauline Willoughby says:

    How on earth did JK manage to put this video together in such a short time ?The concept, the costumes, his vocal range , the rhythms . I could go on . This was mesmerising . I hope his multi talented persona is given world wide recognition.

    • Realistic says:

      he may have done this before the album release when the dancers were in Korea for dance practice video. Since the girls look like bighit dancers. the male dancers are the same crew from the dance practice video,

  9. hl park says:

    멋진 뮤비같은 라이브 무대 너무너무 좋아요! 다양한 장르의 곡들을 완벽 소화하는 정국이의 실력과 무대력 이제 솔로콘서트 해투로 이어가길 바라요

  10. Miracle of God says:

    Jungkook is so talented, I love his facial expressions , I love the Choreography for closer, the backup dancers were awesome ,the whole performance was awesome. ❤

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