Indie World Showcase 11.9.2022 – Nintendo Switch

Indie World Showcase 11.9.2022 – Nintendo Switch

Check out a selection of indie games from around the world coming to Nintendo Switch in the latest Indie World Showcase!

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00:00 – Indie World Showcase Intro
00:30 – Venba
03:01 – Have a Nice Death
04:41 – Aka
06:04 – Pepper Grinder
07:53 – Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly – Announcement Trailer
08:52 – ONI : Road to be the Mightiest Oni
10:32 – Desta: The Memories Between
12:19 – A Space For The Unbound
13:08 – Dordogne
15:17 – Botany Manor
16:09 – Once Upon A Jester
18:31 – Rogue Legacy 2
19:33 – Blanc
20:40 – WrestleQuest
20:52 – Wobbledogs Console Edition
21:02 – Storyteller
21:23 – Curse of the Sea Rats
21:31 – Inscryption
21:46 – A Little to the Left
24:14 – Sports Story
25:13 – Indie World Showcase Outro

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30 Responses

  1. Fê Rossette says:

    Edit: They’ve updated the video with official timestamps. Anyway, hope I helped you all a little bit!

    29:40 Venba
    31:29 Goodbye World
    32:10 Have a Nice Death
    33:50 Aka
    35:14 Pepper Grinder
    37:02 Coffee Talk Episode 2
    38:00 Oni Road to be the Mightiest Oni
    39:43 Desta The Memories Between
    41:28 A Space for the Unbound
    42:18 Dordogne
    44:26 Botany Manor
    45:19 Once upon a Jester
    47:40 Rogue Legacy 2
    48:42 Blanc
    49:40 Other indie games coming
    50:55 A little to the left
    53:23 Sports Story

  2. MostStuffedOreo says:

    Am i the only one who finds it little funny/odd that Inscryption a game that took the internet by storm, arguably one of the best indie games of the year and etc etc, ends up getting the brief showcase treatment,

    it’s not a bad thing and it’s probably better to do so to give a spotlight to other smaller games instead of one that a lot of people already know, besides that i’m absolutely excited to play this finally play this game

  3. overqwil gaming says:

    Have a Nice Death, Once Upon a Jester, and A Little to the Left are definitely my favourite games from this showcase. So much creativity in those and I love the idea that most of the voice lines in Once Upon a Jester were the first take to mimic improv. It’s one of the most genuine voice acting I’ve ever heard and I didn’t know why until they mentioned this lol

  4. Tad Ghostal says:

    My God indie games are effin nuts! This was a great Indie World. Over the years more and more I find myself having way more fun with indies compared to AAA games. Great stuff

  5. Ray of light says:

    Man I love when roguelike and metroidvania games have a stunning animation, have a nice death has definitely piqued my interest and I hope the gameplay is just as great

  6. RandomJoker13 says:

    I’m actually really excited for another Coffee Talk! I loved the calming atmosphere of the first one and can’t believe we’re getting more!

    • Say Soun says:

      @MegaVoiceTube Not really as it’s more of a visual novel and all you’re doing is listening to customers, making coffee and forming relationships with these customers. It’s a very relaxing type of game.

    • MegaVoiceTube says:

      Does the game have a story or it’s designed for fun only ?

  7. Sundress Boyfriend says:

    Ya’ll I’ve been waiting for World of Horror to be in a direct since 2019, I’m so excited that it’s finally been acknowledged

    • Whole lotta Whale says:

      It was literally shown for 4 seconds and then there bug end of the show “but wait there’s more” was sports story, this was mid asf

    • woopi says:

      @Ben Holland Yeah, updates are slow but consistent. People just panicked after getting burned by other devs lol

    • Ben Holland says:

      Hold up, I just checked my steam and it got an update last week called “Blood Moon”! I guess the dev IS still alive

    • Meta Martian says:

      Glad to see it’s still getting a Switch port it looks excellent.

    • Dank Wojak says:

      me too man, i check the WoH website every so often to see the switch symbol still on there, thank god its finally over

  8. who_the_fuck_is_riley ? says:

    Very happy for everyone who enjoyed the showcase! I was interested in a few, but I think this one was a bit less my type of games. Inscryption coming is super cool though

  9. Kyreem says:

    One of the best Switch Indie directs in a while! I enjoyed it way more than the last two. There seems to be a little more variety this time.

  10. SaltyBoi says:

    I’m really excited that world of horror is coming to switch, that game just seems perfect for the console, especially with the art style and gameplay.

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