Street Fighter 6 – A.K.I. Gameplay Trailer

Street Fighter 6 – A.K.I. Gameplay Trailer

A.K.I., the maniacal mistress of poison, will slither her way into Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6 on September 27.

Feeding off orders from her master, she injects poison into enemies that dare stand within striking distance – all with a smile. You can’t fix her, but she will fix you.

Owners of the Year 1 Character Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition will automatically get access to A.K.I. when she unlocks. Get a taste of her poison for an hour with a Rental Fighter ticket, which can be obtained in Fighting Passes.

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32 Responses

  1. GhostSamurai says:

    The animation in this game is really S+ tier. So fluid, full of character and very clear.

    • Lyrand says:

      Capcom killed it with animations in recent years, their animators did miracles in Monster Hunter World. And SF6, I’d argue, is the best animated fighting game in… maybe forever, possibly.

    • Ivan says:

      I disagree, sfv (especially season 1 & 2 characters) have better animations

    • Creepo_J says:

      The custom characters with this animation are going to be crazy

    • Alien says:

      @IvanThat’s truly one of the takes of all time.

      Okay, seriously. Go look at SF5 Rashid and SF6 Rashid and tell me SF5 has better animations.

  2. TheQuietStorm08 says:

    I’m hyped for A.K.I. in this game. The creativity with her seems endless. Also, I love the She Quan fighting style element A.K.I. has. It really adds to the character. F.A.N.G.-inspired but she’s different in her own way

    • Chrissaiyanjojo8487 knight says:

      Like Christy in Dead or Alive she has She Quan(That Fighting Style like or this is just Super Powers to it because of her Poison)

  3. bonk giartist says:

    SF6’s overall character design is top tier. Their characters exude so much personality.

  4. D Piddy says:


  5. TheGodOfPez says:

    This is a badass character design! Kudos to Capcom for keeping these awesome new players coming. 🤟❤️

  6. MrCrankyBastard says:

    She fights and strikes almost exactly how I imagined and hoped. I couldn’t be more pleased!

  7. 최상의_kr says:

    They really nailed the snake like movement, it’s creepy, cool, and scary. Her animations are so fluid and smooth like butter

  8. Xikaryo says:

    The slither on the ground was beautiful. So she really is supposed to be like a poisonous snake, I love her animations and design

  9. Ali Hamad Qabazard says:

    They gave A.K.I a million percent. The gameplay, personality and animation are really on point.

  10. Charlie Jackson says:

    Now that is epic. She looks fun and a lot more intimidating than F.A.N.G. did. I’ll definitely be using her

    • master ken says:

      I’m honestly hoping that FANG would get a spot on the roster, he grew on me over the years and I’m still entertained by him!

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