Inside the NBA Talk Winners & Losers At The Trade Deadline

Inside the NBA Talk Winners & Losers At The Trade Deadline


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48 Responses

  1. ALFIE says:

    Did you guys realize that the playoff with Phx vs Dal will be mad? After what happened between Luka and Booker last time, now you add KD and Kyrie to that; going to be epic!

  2. NumbersAndSports says:

    Incredible trade deadline, almost like a seperate event for the GM’s playing chess. All makes sense too.. you see the major teams like Bucks or Celtics or Nuggets not really making any moves because they are saying “We good, lets make a run with our squad” and then you got the middle of the pack teams making multiple chess moves like “nah, we’re taking our shot at you guys” .. and then you got the teams towards the bottom treading water saying “we’re stacking for the future heavy” and loading up on picks and contracts.

    • aceassn716 says:

      Exactly who we just saw lose to whats left of the Nets
      Shout out Dinwiddie though he was hoopin

    • LIFE 009 says:

      What’s worse is that they gave him to the clippers. You don’t strengthen a potential rival

    • Siam Imam says:

      All of these moves happened because JA said “WE GODD IN THE WEST 😂”

    • Tyrell Leach says:

      @xDestyn they showing the 76ers how to actually “trust the process” 😂

    • Tyrell Leach says:

      I would say it all makes sense excpet the nets. Im fine with then blowing it up and trading kyrie and kd but they droppes the ball… What they gunna do with 5 1st round picks from a team that is gunna compete for the next 4 years… Draft picks are already overratted in the nba and now they have a bunch of non lottery picks… They cant tank for wenbanyama and they cant win now. Brutal trade decisions.. Most of the other teams made good deals though

  3. teenamazingsquad. says:

    FINALLY, the original crew is back once again!!! It seems like we see less and less of them each week

  4. Dats a paddlin says:

    Kawhi may actually show some emotion if he witnesses Westbrook pulling up from 3 with 20 seconds left.

  5. Paul Morris says:

    Ernie is so got damn good at his job. Please never leave us

  6. Dynasty says:

    props to Chuck.. he did say it was goin be a wild trade deadline 💯 i knew it’d be some moves but i wasn’t expecting it to would be this crazy 🔥

  7. Adam says:

    So excited for Ernie to be back!!

  8. Alex Solo says:

    Glad the warriors got Payton back. That defensive tenacity has been missing

  9. Frank Waya says:

    I knew these trades would benefit a couple people in Brooklyn and we’ve gotten a taste of it with Cam Thomas. I also knew Joe Harris would get back on track. Ben might pick things up and I know that Spencer is going to ball out. Brooklyn isn’t tanking, they will be alright.

    • Dwayne Haddock says:

      @King Ash /Yggdrasil beats the nets was ok before kyrie came, they actually made the playoffs right before he got over there

    • Alejandro Serrano says:

      @Gracho True, the nets traded a nice future for a ring but that didn’t work out. So seeing them now have a good young squad is great. Not many teams can change a good roster for a win now roster and change it back to a good young roster.

    • Cap'n Savahoe says:

      @LeBron’s OverratedTo be fair, the 2013 Nets before the Celtics trade were good with Deron and Iso Joe. They got the 4 seed that year and had better success and less drama than the rest of these Nets teams.

    • LeBron’s Overrated says:

      @Frank Waya
      Nobody hates the Nets. They are literally irrelevant.
      They haven’t been relevant since they moved from New Jersey.

      Even with the old heads KG, Pierce, Deron, JJ, and Brook Lopez… to KD, Kyrie, Harden/Simmons…. They couldn’t do anything with it.

      It’s so bad for the Nets that when they play the Knicks at home, it’s basically a Knicks home game because nets don’t have a string fan base .

      I think the Nets need to go back to New Jersey, rebrand, and never look back

    • Peter Mandzych says:

      @King Ash /Yggdrasil beats I Rather be the Nets than that other team in New York… what do call them ????, the New York Knicks. When was the last time they won a ring….HMMM…That’s right !!!! 1973. Ok I got it !!!! After getting rid of KD and Kyrie and removing those 2 cancers, what the Nets obtained with their trades at the deadline and future draft picks, the black will be back and how about a little hate for this team some more. Darth Vader’s coming back and this characters’s gonna be the hero in the end….SO JUST WATCH OUT and let the haters surface up through the top !!!!!!!! Brooklyn, the real Capital of NYC and how about the NBA. HATE BABY HATE !!!!!!!!

  10. Carrie Parton says:

    So Paul couldn’t go to LAL but Durant got to go to PHX 😂 this second half of the season about to be fun with a lot of fireworks

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