Inter Milan vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL Round of 16 – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Inter Milan vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UCL Round of 16 – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Liverpool may be Champions League nobility, but Inter have recently entered into Europe’s elite and still harbor dreams of a fabled four trophy season. Air Date: Feb 16, 2022

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46 Responses

  1. EgyptianKing#FSGOUT says:

    Inter played so well. I’m glad we were able to find a way to get a good result in the end. Keita was terrific when he came on

    • ctm 11 says:

      @Anthony Randi reeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2 – nil

    • Anthony Randi says:

      Anyone who says Inter didn’t play well either didn’t watch the game or is stupid. Prior to Firmino’s goal in 75th min Inter looked like the more dangerous team. They the better chances, they hit the cross bar, had 9 total shots, same amount of corners and only slightly less possession (45%-54%). Yet most of you still comment just to say otherwise cuz your incapable of respecting the opposition. SMH

    • JimothyJimbo says:

      @chinga tu Nothing like a rage-tard. What you said literally has nothing to do with anything that was said. Your reading comp sucks,brick.

    • chinga tu says:

      @Jonathan Mireles Are you blind or stupid? He’s a liverpool fan (look at his profile pic) you dumbass

    • Jonathan Mireles says:

      Wtf are u talking bout guy they lost they didn’t play well

  2. LAH Sport says:

    Even though Liverpool won the game what a performance from both sides. Luis Diaz is one to watch, and Denzel Dumfries had an amazing game although Inter were severally missing Barella. Salah continues his hot streak 🔥🔥

  3. Arian Shariatmadari says:

    i really like how the highlights showed some impressive defensive performances from kounate and skrinnier. usually its just shots and goals

  4. OICATA says:

    What an amazing performance by both teams very powerful in the first half, the game changer was for sure the amazing subs that Liverpool has bringing Luis Díaz and Firmigno pushing at front was a game changer, honestly just having a blast with all this amazing games the way that they prepare and execute the 90 min. But still thinking that there’s one more game left to play. 🔥🔥⚽

  5. tom talley says:

    I was complaining about Firmino turning the ball over every time he touched the ball. Then a moment of sheer brilliance!

    • ComradeOgilvy1984 says:

      He was a bit sloppy at times and Inter seemed to know he was on the slow side and could be swarmed by 2-3 players. Frustrating, but he settled in eventually.

  6. A Cyrus says:

    My reactions after Inter conceded two. It really came down to subsitutions to be the difference. Focusing on the second half when both teams came out 0-0 after 45… The highlights missed out on ample dangerous opportunities Inter had in the first 20 in the 2nd. I mean their gameplan was spot on, attack the left flank and beat Trent AA. They continued beating him, winning the ball, being patient then finding Perisic through the air. It was great gameplan, and it was unlucky that they couldn’t capitalize. Now Klopp changed the game himself with pulling the trigger early with 3 subsitutions. I can’t recall the impact of Keita, but Luis Diaz and Henderson were the difference. Diaz is a super sub I mean… he was a difference maker. Inter then had to focus on him, and it left room for the mistakes to happen imo. Even tho inter doesn’t have the depth when it comes to star quality, I think the manager of Inter should have pulled the trigger earlier. Because at that point its 0-0 you aren’t attacking as much, you see liverpool getting back in the game, you want fresh legs out there. Next leg would be interesting, but that 2nd goal was a tough one to swallow. I see Liverpool going through. Good 2nd half tho. First half dragged a bit as both teams were feeling each other out. A lot of unecesssary fouls by both teams too, which kind of halted momentum, imo in those midfield fouls, inter should have just give a quick pass and played. Those long ball set pieces weren’t going to do anything when you got van djik in the air.

  7. ComradeOgilvy1984 says:

    Inter is an impressive team for the first 70 minutes, really, but we can see that Liverpool has achieved the true Big Club advantage: subbing in 4 players that are all good enough to compete for a starting position in the best clubs in Europe. Inter just did not have the legs to keep up with that, and their bench is not at this level.
    Really Liverpool’s bench was never at this level either, until many players came back from injury and the acquisition of Diaz. Now I think they can rival Man City and Chelsea for squad depth.

    • Anthony Randi says:

      @Jin Lee Chelsea absolutely has great overall depth in their squad. However the system Tuchel plays is too reliant on wingbacks (the one position where they lack world class depth). Since Reece James and Chilwell they’ve looked like a different team.

    • Anthony Randi says:

      @Rhys Davies Are you 10 years old or something? I’m not a fan of either team but Inter absolutely played well and could’ve won. Prior to Firmino’s goal they were the more dangerous team. They had the better chances one which hit the crossbar. Liverpool had 13 total shots (2 on target) Inter had 9 total shots (0 on target even tho one was an inch away from going in) They had the same amount of corners (7) and Liverpool didn’t dominate possession, it was 54%-46%. The difference was a glancing header and a shot that was deflected in. So yes, Inter could’ve won that game had they been able to convert… But keep screaming and calling everyone a retard just for having a different opinion than you. You’re the one who is coming off as both ignorant and immature.

    • adeking 121 says:

      @Rhys Davies thank you…. Someone who actually have football knowledge….

    • bossdr3w says:

      Liverpool signed three players that changed the club years ago and they’re still there. Inter are defending serie a champions. Liverpool are a well drilled team and basically klopp won the game for Liverpool. They both have the same amount of subs. Your claim is just an excuse and doesn’t do Inter justice because Inter played well.

    • Jin Lee says:

      @Offxcial Blue chelsea should bring home some of their loaned out players

  8. Juan Wick says:

    I am such a fan of Luis Diaz. He brings so much energy. The complexion of the game changed immediately when he came on. So excited for my Reds.

    • Sokhna Fall says:

      People start saying too quickly that the man is better than mane right now which is sad

    • Sokhna Fall says:

      He’s not good as Sadio by the way

    • Jonny Barron says:

      @Matt Harrell wouldn’t say more. Look how mane presses, look at his effective ness of set pieaces, work rate, stamina, they are about the same in their primes. he’ll be a good replacement though

    • ComradeOgilvy1984 says:

      @Matt Harrell Eventually. I am experiencing instanct bromance with the man. Contrary to the hype, he is not as good as Mané. Yet. But he is fitting into the club more quickly than even Jota, and Diogo is considered a great near instant success.

    • Matt Harrell says:

      I believe he will more than replace Sadio Mane if and when he leaves.

  9. EgyptianKing#FSGOUT says:

    Elliot, Thiago, keita all finally fit. The addition of Luis Diaz.

    Liverpool finally has squad depth that they deserve 😍

  10. Junior Adult says:

    Probably konate best game so far, Vd was also very good

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