Introducing Monstermax 2. The Worlds Largest Truck (Twin Engine Duramax)

Introducing Monstermax 2. The Worlds Largest Truck (Twin Engine Duramax)

After 8 months in the shop Monstermax 2 (my first truck) is 99% complete. Stand by for secondary engine testing. Looking for a few more scientists and we’re all set for the nuclear fission reaction systems.


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32 Responses

  1. ostacruiser says:

    Been refreshing YouTube every 4 minutes for 2 days waiting for this!!! Let’s GO!!!!!

  2. PFI Speed says:

    What a master piece !! Legit the beginning of the video and the scans of MonsterMax took my breathe away. Incredible, legendary, I’ll watch every video with this truck even if it’s an hour of it sitting .

  3. J Plotkin says:

    I was skeptical of what this build might actually be when it was initially proposed. In all seriousness, I was a little bummed as the original would be pretty tough to beat. Truly consider the American history that was witnessed to have unfold with the original monster max. Unbelievably, we have just entered an entirely new realm of mind blowing distinction that I did not think was possible. What I just watched may have been the best thing that ever happened on YouTube… Bravo sir… Bravo.

  4. Andrew Holladay says:

    I didn’t think you would ever be able to top monster max in the ocean. This is exactly why I watch this channel. Insane. Bring that to sema to run over the worlds best builds. To the ones that built that. True craftsman. You just made history.

  5. Tom's Turbo Garage says:

    8:38 is exactly like that video of Elon Musk staring at the SpaceX rocket launching for the first time. 🚀 Mind blowing build WD!!

  6. Steven says:

    Meanwhile the insurance company is still insuring a “stock” truck.

  7. Austin Moshier says:

    Was wondering where ole cleeters truck was going off to. It’s amazing that he bought it to show size comparison (for now) freaking awesome.

  8. Joshua Gibson says:

    Love that you guys left the freedom factory logo on the other truck.

  9. Aaron Willis says:

    I don’t even know this man personally and I’m proud of him so many people should be looking up to his mindset how he just does what he wants and if anyone tells him different he uses that as motivation

  10. TwinStickGarage says:

    Amazing truck Cody – well done 👍

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