iOS 17: All NEW Features You Need to Know!

iOS 17: All NEW Features You Need to Know!

Apple today released iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, the latest operating system updates that are designed for the iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s updated software can be downloaded on eligible iPhones and iPads over-the-air by going to Settings – General – Software Update. It can take a few minutes for the updates to propagate to all users due to high demand.

‌iOS 17‌ expands on last year’s Lock Screen updates with the addition of interactive widgets and StandBy, a new feature that turns the ‌iPhone‌ into a mini home hub when it is charging. You can now see voicemail transcriptions in real time, and leave video messages in FaceTime. ‌FaceTime‌ also now works on the Apple TV with tvOS 17.

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33 Responses

  1. DanTuber says:

    Name drop will make it so easy and quicker to exchange contacts. Always wished something like that existed.

  2. Nathan Kim says:

    so glad they added crossfade on apple music. Lowk wanted to change to spotify because apple music didn’t have it but they finally added it

  3. Tom Tyrone Beiron says:

    More on security against scam SMS and robo calls should have been incorporated in this new update but apple has not invested enough to help owners combat the on-going woes of these hackers. Millions are being lost to scammers and better security filters ought to be built into the OS. 😮

    • FreedomwithRob says:

      100 💯 agree! Especially from a company toting “Security & Privacy” as their main reasons to use their products…

    • Venus Nova says:

      It’s really not that easy. You can type it out in any simple way as you want, but in reality it takes a lot of R&D to pull it off. Just look how long it took for android and Apple to get the “spam risk” label for calls.

  4. Alexis Ortiz Acosta says:

    I really LOVE the new adaptive mode on AirPods, it’s sooooooo coooool!!!

  5. Living in a Scene says:

    The fact that autocorrect is a key feature kinda tells you where we’re at. Insane to me that it’s yet another year, (language models out etc), and yet again one of the features is not “we made using Siri not suck ass”. Instead they said “want Siri to erroneously think your talking to it even MORE??” As a feature. Lol yeah ok.

  6. Robert Garvan Snyder says:

    Favorite new feature in messages that nobody else cares about: enhancements to Audio Messages, like lock recording status, scrubbing the waveform to skip ahead/rewind, new UI, and transcription of audio messages. This is my most beloved way of communicating, and I’ll never understand why people sleep on it.

    • Simon Glover says:

      Until transcriptions are available for audio messages on every platform, I’m not using them. they’re impossible to go back and look at, or reply to a message in a meeting, or a quiet environment. basically useless in a lot of situations.

  7. Rori Gilmore says:

    I think my favourite part of standby is definitely Coheed and Cambria. Lol

  8. Khalil Jackson says:

    Most important question, does updating to ios17 kill battery life?

  9. Travis Richey says:

    Didn’t there used to be a thing where you could tap your phone to another phone and it would initiate a sharing of contact information? Was that a third party app, or am I just crazy and remembering a thing that never existed?
    Also, biggest question, worth upgrading now? I usually wait for the first patch… 14 Pro here

    • Space Cadet says:

      it was called bump, and it was one of the early apps for the iPhone when apps first started. It was fundamentally flawed however, as unlike iOS 17, both users had to download, install and set up an app before it could be used. At that point, it was much more work than just sending the vcard via email or messages. Phones also didn’t have the UWB proximity chip at that point so it was not even close to as functional. The beauty of these features on iOS 17 (much like how facetime works) is that nothing is required to set them up. Pretty much everyone who has an iPhone is ready to use these features, even if they themselves don’t know it

    • PinkDuckPrincessUU says:

      This can be accomplished with NFC chips! Program an NFC business card for tap to share contact info. And it works with any device not just iOS

  10. ryder0356 says:

    what charging stand is that in the video? looks cool

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