iOS 17: 17 New Features for Apple’s New iPhone Software Update | WSJ

iOS 17: 17 New Features for Apple’s New iPhone Software Update | WSJ

Apple just-released iOS 17 and there are many new features to learn about. It gives your iPhone’s call screen a makeover while allowing for custom contact posters. Other big new updates include live voicemail, FaceTime video messages and custom stickers.

WSJ’s Joanna Stern helps you find all the new stuff.

0:00 iOS 17
0:46 Contact Poster
1:32 NameDrop
2:23 FaceTime video messages
3:03 Live voicemail
4:02 StandBy mode
4:46 Duckin’ autocorrect
5:15 Measure screen distance
5:53 Personal voice
7:17 Custom stickers
7:40 Check In messages
8:28 Seven bonus tips!

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19 Responses

  1. Waleed says:

    She should create her own YouTube channel, she got good sense of humor and her style of explaining is so good.

  2. THB says:

    This journalist is great! Funny, imaginative and informative. Proving that old media can also ride the youtube wav, and not become obsolete and useless. Thanks, keep up the good work!

  3. 5antana says:

    This was fun! I loved her charisma, the way she explained things, the little jokes and everything. She should have her own channel.

  4. Bryan McCormick says:

    Joanna is gold. Seemingly boring subjects and she always manages to make you laugh (and learn something)!

  5. Grant says:

    I love how she explained everything and also showed how to make them work. Most YouTubers do not show how to get to the features and make them work. I like that!

  6. prenumerera251 says:

    Love the TOZ44H content. I think this project is just as essential as HBAR and they both will be great movers

  7. Rori Gilmore says:

    I hope they will do more improvements moving forward

  8. selohcin says:

    This is the best feature rundown video I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Fantastic work, Joanna.

  9. belizarius_99 says:

    Love these summaries and watch them every year. Outstanding work!

  10. axalanzyra_ says:

    Now we just need to see the TOZ44H price also move in the same direction as these charts. Up. Very Up.

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