iPhone 15 Durability Test – is Aluminum better than Titanium?!

iPhone 15 Durability Test – is Aluminum better than Titanium?!

Today we find out how durable the new iPhone 15 and 15 Plus really are! Try out Huel yourself: https://my.huel.com/jerryrigeverythingseptember and get a free T-Shirt! Huge thanks to Huel for sponsoring this video. The new iPhones are always some of the most popular devices of the year – and this year with the release of a new Titanium body – the question of durability is even more prevalent. The cheaper iPhones, the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus are made from aluminum, but are they durable? The only way to find out the durability of the new iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Plus is with a JerryRigEverything Durability Test!

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43 Responses

  1. Zenklar says:

    Never even going to think about buying a phone unless it’s been tested by Jerry and passed his tests

  2. Novak says:

    The Ceramic Shield upgrades are really underrated, kinda nuts how they manage to improve scratch resistance that much while still using glass

    • emmanuel olowu says:

      Gorilla glass hasn’t really improved… Huawei’s glass too seems to have this improvement too

    • Phạm Đức Huy says:

      The harder the glass can resist a scratch, the more likely it breaks in a drop. Its a tradeoff but lets see how well they perform this time

    • NETVO TV says:

      Are Ceramic Shield Glass make by Gorilla?

    • gnocchidokie says:

      I used to religiously put a screen proctor on my phone before even touching it out of the box, but I haven’t had a screen protector on my 13 mini across its entire life. I’m rough with it, toss it in my backpack and my fanny pack along with keys and other crap. Not a single microabrasion anywhere on this screen. It’s been 1.5 years

    • X Æ A-12 says:

      I would just really like to have a phone with a metal back instead of glasses…. I don’t need wireless charging i just want a durable normal looking phone man

  3. Red Nocturne says:

    Great to see the glass FINALLY performing better from a scratch resistance perspective.

    • that zombies player says:

      Realistically speaking, the glass that Android uses is more than good enough because you basically need to take a hardened steel blade or something even stronger to scratch the glass, Even something like a cheap kitchen knife will be insufficient. So I don’t know why scratching the glass is a real concern because dropping it is going to do pretty much the same unless you have a real sapphire screen or something of similar strength

    • Panagio3 says:

      Bc there is quarz in nature and other crystals that scrach displays for example in sand but yeah steel cant scrach it anyways we can just have a screen protector though

    • Chilly says:

      @that zombies playerhave you never owned a smartphone before?

    • Bear says:

      @that zombies playerwhy do y’all always have to compare to Android phones? Like who cares

    • Shah Paran says:

      Still 95 percent of the people will use screen protector

  4. Avocado tortilla says:

    Never thought I’d see minor scratches not starting until a level 7. That’s nuts

  5. ajlphoto says:

    The number and variety of creative dunks on the colours made this one of the funniest reviews to date 😂 Also, I’m pretty impressed at how well the phones held up!

  6. Dadrex Mwenya says:

    Jerry is always calm, and always explains everything so perfectly so inspiring…

  7. The Ambient Factory says:

    Imagine you’re a beautiful iPhone 15, saying goodbye to all your friends in production line, getting packaged, excited to start a new life as helpful assistant to a nice person, keeping you warm and charged. And then your package gets opened and you see this guy looking down at you…. 😀

  8. haja says:

    I was sure last year would end terrible for me but I think Amazons *APL77X* is spot on with what they do and how they do it. Cant say for how long its going to work and for sure it is overyhped right now but even if just half a year or something it woul

  9. Mr Azuria says:

    You’re so close to 8 mill subs, thanks for all your enthusiasm and entertainment you give us viewers, much love to you Jerry 🙏🤝

    • RandomUser says:

      and all that with cheap destruction videos. YT really is a multi-faceted place. On the one hand videos with very high production value and deep research behind, on the other hand, this.

    • MrFixit12 says:

      subscribers at a level 7, heading for a level 8

  10. Mekullag says:

    loved the color jokes, absolute perfection 😙👌

    gotta say though I absolutely adore this look, they actually turned out way better irl than I expected from the ads at the apple conference 🔥

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