iPhone 15 Pro Review: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly!

iPhone 15 Pro Review: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly!

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are refinements of last year’s already refined phones.

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Phone provided by Apple for review.

0:00 Intro
3:11 The Build
5:00 USB-C
7:24 A17 Pro
10:00 Battery and Overheating
12:31 Actually Pro Cameras
20:38 Action Button
22:38 Eight Sleep (Sponsor)
23:48 The Verdict



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29 Responses

  1. Kaskobi says:

    Top tip you can hold the RAW MAX button to change the mode without swapping to the settings app

  2. Ayush Prakash says:

    The video is good and very true to MKBHD’s brand, but big props to Brandon for the AMAZING intro!!! This is instantly one of my top 3 favorite video intros from the MKBHD universe.

  3. Walter White says:

    Now, in every single video, you can understand how far he has come from his early videos, and what a refined and amazing reviewer he is.

  4. عابر سبيل says:

    You give in depth details that even these companies are hiding. Your opinion always matters to us.❤

  5. The Unemployed Scholars Network says:

    You and your team killed that opening video animation, it looks just like a production reel at a apple conference and the MKBHD showing on the island was the cherry on top

  6. rj x says:

    I think the action button should have more functions like press twice to turn on the camera. So it can have more functions if you press different times.

  7. OTAKU OTAKU says:

    I’m not here for Apple, I’m here for MKBHD’s opinion

  8. Andreas Kummer says:

    What a pleasure to watch your Vids. They’ve become artwork in the way they are crafted. Thank you and the team for your work!

  9. BigJohn826 says:

    I’m coming from an 11 so definitely a big improvement. I also noticed the overheating the first few days, but it has settled down for me the last couple days and hasn’t run hot. I have noticed some network issues in areas that I didn’t have issues with my 11. Not sure if that’s the phone or ATT.

    • André Lopes says:

      you can update to the latest software. but it’s fixed! 🙂

    • Cinema 35 says:

      I have an 11 and am contemplating getting a new one, how’s the leap feel? Like a new experience? I went from an se to 11, so I really trying and hold off till it feels like I’ll get something truly new

  10. Ravi Singhal says:

    The heating issue is definitely related to software as my iPhone 14 Pro has been heating randomly post iOS 17. Before that it only got hot when using the phone for long while charging.

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