Secret Tunnel/Garage Update #3

Secret Tunnel/Garage Update #3

I got some steel in and boy is going to be a big space.
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26 Responses

  1. 2 Much ColinFurze says:

    Even if this was just a room with no cars involed it would be epic but to see the shinning Delorean in this space is going to be so epic. thanks for all the extra support on this channel, hope i’m getting the vibe right on the videos.

  2. Kris Powell says:

    You must have an excellent relationship with the local planning department to get all this stuff approved! Excellent work!

    • Marlys J Collins says:

      I was thinking the same! It’s like pulling teeth in some councils

    • Harold Kuilman says:

      Approved? 😅 I have a feeling this is a “better ask for forgiveness then ask for permission” kind of deal 😂

    • RandomDudeFromYT says:

      Back in an old tunnel video he said something along the lines of “Its better to ask for forgiveness than for permission”. So yea, guess showing final results are more colins way of doing it than paperwork beforehand lol

    • Burnie1601 says:

      ​@Harold Kuilmanno, he actually has permission for this one 🤯

      Admittedly he started the first part of the tunnels THEN got permission, but he does now have permission.

      He covered it during one of the original tunnel series videos

  3. Silverino says:

    This second channel is very much appreciated. It’s great to get to see a more detailed, inclusive and down to earth overview of the progress. Don’t be afraid to make the videos longer, that’st the stuff we like.

    • Miłosz Skowroński says:

      YES! I think it’s a great decision to separate the craziness of it all from the technical side of things. Keep the main channel mostly for entertainment, and on the second channel get into the behind-the-scenes details. That’s my vote.

    • Jukebox707 says:

      100% agree

    • TheSportsman1977 says:

      Yep, 💯 this is the sort of stuff I used to dream about doing when I was little (and still to be honest!!! 😉😊) you’re living the dream Colin. Great content 👍👍👍

  4. Nicholas Marko says:

    Wow, eight years!! It’s been so fun to watch though; You, Rick, and Tom have definitely been a go to for a fun time and great adventure!

  5. Andrew Webster says:

    Colin like everyone else is saying, please keep this channel going after the tunnel project. We learn so much more about how you solve problems, and come to the best way of doing things. Appreciate the content. Cheers

  6. Hugo Vaz says:

    I think the way you are doing with the main channel and this channel is absolutely spot on, main it’s more of an overall, general picture and spaced out updates, and this one is updated more often with details that we all love to see. Regardless, they don’t cannibalise one another, they complement each other and I love it.

    I’m so invested in this whole tunnel arc (pun intended), I which I could do something like this in my house (can’t, property laws won’t allow me to do it here, unfortunately).

  7. Bettik Ithil'rakka says:

    I am absolutely loving the slightly more laid back and detail oriented Furze energy in both these and the main channel videos. They don’t step on each others toes and it’s definitely my most favourite project of yours!

    • Dani Funk says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Was coming here to comment more or less the same but instead im just thumbsing up coments.

    • -TheDogOfWar says:

      I don’t typically get excited from watching these types of videos, but I actually am feeling happy for Colin on this. You can tell he loves what he does. Amazing creations and ideas. I hope he keep it going!

    • the tessellater says:

      I’m glad I caught it – from somewhere ……

  8. nstheboss says:

    Can’t believe the bunker series began 8 years ago! I remember seeing it in my local paper and never thought it would go this far. Keep em coming, Colin 👍

  9. Jason Hauk says:

    Absolutely love the setup between the videos on each channel. The main channel update video may have featured footage from other videos on the 2nd channel, but the arrangement was different, and you kept some footage exclusive to the main channel. Perfect flow if you ask me. Thank you for all your hard work, effort, and obvious dedication to making these the most enjoyable they can be for us fans.

  10. Corey Johnstone says:

    You alright Colin, I noticed how well your doing with the videos! They’re full of info on how you have done things. I like how you’ve added more content to another channel and how well the videos flow. It’s cool that you can watch two updates at the same time. It just flows really well. Been following for ages now and love your videos, keep it up matey!

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