Is Sushi Married?

Is Sushi Married?


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32 Responses

  1. Icy says:

    I think new species could be interesting, it’s better to change after a while

  2. Ava H says:

    Introduce a new species of guppies!! You could get a variety of different looking beautiful guppy babies!

  3. Icon says:

    The fact that she remember each fishes by their name i can’t even remember my friend name.

  4. Jackson L. says:

    I would love to see what would happen if she got a different species of guppie. Like, what colors would they be?

  5. Adri 2004 says:

    “Keep the bloodline pure”
    Monarchy in a nutshell

  6. Apple Koi says:

    I think having another species would be nice. A possible hybrid seems like a cool thing, given they may or may not be clear

  7. Yeeyt says:

    technically it isnt a new species since its still a guppy, or do u mean endlers?? hybrids would be awesome to see

    • MR MEME says:

      @Yeeyt very cool

    • Yeeyt says:

      @MR MEME actually fun fact, if we’re talking abt endlers and guppies hybridizing, their offspring are actually 100% fertile! Even though endlers are another species they’re closely related enough to produce viable and fertile children.

      Even fish4ever has an endler-guppy hybrid. Its a cross of a koi guppy and and an endler

    • Yeeyt says:

      @And what mate what

    • Yeeyt says:

      @Anime a guppy IS a species, a different looking guppy doesnt mean its another species, simply another strain. But yeah I get what you mean, strains didn’t come to mind when she said “species” lol

    • Yeeyt says:

      @Fish4Ever ohhh i see, you’re referring to different strains. They’re still the same species so thats why i was confused when you talked about a different species

  8. John N. says:

    “… Keep the bloodline pure.”

    That didn’t work out for the hapsburgs.

  9. Sherri - Ethereal Wolf Studio says:

    Livebearing fish females can store sperm for several months and produce a succession of litters from a single insemination. So, she should continue to produce fry without adding a new male. However, adding a new male will possibly result in broods with a mixture of the two males. Different color variations in guppies are lines within the same species bred to enhance the colors, etc of each line over many generations to become “pure”. Endlers would be the best option to successfully crossbreed to another species. It’s been successfully done for decades.

  10. Austin Hodnett says:

    Introduce a new species! They would look different, and have different characteristics! I think they would love the new species!

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