Is *The Little Mermaid* Good or Bad??

Is *The Little Mermaid* Good or Bad??

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43 Responses

  1. Athreyi Anoop says:

    Dylan is the only person who can make a sponsorship sound like a rickroll 😭

  2. Amaras says:

    The best part of Dylan’s commentaries is that if he says “I would’ve done this scene differently”, he actually explains what he’d do!

  3. brooklyn butter says:

    I’m so happy that Dylan would agree with me that the actor who played King Triton was such a drag onscreen. I wanted that sort of fatherly passion too and he soo underplayed it- I wanted to like this movie more than I do because Ariel has always been my favorite. And that MaDrucula was the highlight.

    • Fashionable Changeling says:

      Literally everyone agrees that Javier Bardem was sleeping through his performance

    • Cynthia says:

      Most people I talked to thought he did a great job as a less angry King Triton and that he seemed more realistic as a good father. Which I didn’t agree with at all and all I could think about when he came on screen was about how this man didn’t care one bit about this role.

    • Julieta Saav says:

      Every problem that I had with acting in this film, I personally blame it on the direction. I understand that they didn’t want Triton to be scary because he’s supposed to be a loving worried father, not a villain, but I feel like all the actors were directed to not frown their faces in any way that showed a single wrinkle, except for Ursula

    • Rikrobat says:

      I think part of the problem is his voice / line delivery. He can be less scary, but we need more emotion in his face and voice to believe he’s worried for his daughter’s safety. Even lean into emotional exhaustion with a daughter who doesn’t understand the dangers such that he makes the painful decision to risk their relationship to try and destroy her human keepsakes. But, to me, he just sounds tired like the actor partied all night before the shoot.

  4. tatiana elliott says:

    Small detail, but I wondered why in a Disney film they didn’t have different outfits? She had one blue dress, which was beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But if felt like that had an opportunity for more costume design and they decided not to do it. The most gutting one for me was no sparkly dress as she comes out of the ocean!! She is so beautiful and looks like a living water as she walks onto the beach into his arms. Why would they cut that part out? It’s exactly as Dylan said, the reunion sucked because they mindlessly changed it.

  5. coolcatalesha says:

    as someone who isn’t great at picking up on poor film making besides “that looked weird” i loved you doing a deep dive into what you would have done, whats wrong with the scene etc. do more of that!!!

    • The Bubblegum Statue says:

      Same. Any time I watch a movie it’s always “I thought it was good,” so it’s nice hearing someone who actually knows how to critique movies watch a movie.

  6. amy b says:

    It physically pains me how underrated Dylan is considering all the knowledge he has about filmmaking. The movie and tv industry needs him now more than ever.

    • Auguste says:

      Yall be saying anything. A lot of his critics make no sense. For example, he complained about the passing from Part of your World to Ariel going to the surface saying “it should have been shorter”. Which makes no sense cause you need to let scenes breathe, going from action scene to action scene is bad filmmaking. Movies need slow moments and breathers

    • T 4 Trash says:

      @Augusteyeah but his point was that the slow moment was for no reason, slow moments are fine. But after an intense scene to admiring a rock for 30 seconds… to back to an intense scene. What’s the point? No one will care about the fact that she was looking at a rock for a few moments, if anything. Make the “cooldown” around 7-10 seconds and hop back in

    • Auguste says:

      @T 4 TrashDid u actually watch the full movie or are u basing your opinion on reaction videos? Cause that transition worked perfectly fine in theaters. That pause was to show how Part of Your World was a dream sequence. Notice how she started and ended the song from that rock? That moment where she reached the top of the grotto never actually happened since her hair doesn’t move when she falls back at the bottom, u can even see the surroundings going completely dark. It’s inspired by “I wish” songs in musicals and that moment where everything goes dark and only one spotlight lights the main singer. That insignificant moment to YOU, was to show how defeated and hopeless she felt after the song. To let the audience digest the “I wish” song and go: oh that wasn’t real right? Rob Marshall is one of the most praised musical directors of our generation, that moment was intentional. It’s also in homage to Howard Ashman who REINTRODUCED “I wish” songs in Disney films and instigated the Disney Renaissance. As I said…intentional

    • SOOKIE! says:

      otoh hand the movies RLM has made illustrate pretty clearly that criticism and filmmaking are separate skills and not everyone has both. You can be deeply insightful about the structure and cinematography of film and be absolutely hopeless managing shooting schedules, wrangling actors, and coordinating all your on set workers. Movies aren’t always bad due to a lack of vision or critical eye. Sometimes the project management aspect of directing just falls apart.

    • Melody says:

      @Auguste i’m sorry but just because it was intentional doesn’t mean it was good i watched it in theater and thought it was slow it’s just some peoples opinions we like fast action back to back rather than slow we don’t go deep into every detail about the “ i wish” songs, it’s not a bad thing to critic ans agree with dylan

  7. Abigail Entsminger says:

    For the reunion they should’ve had Eric standing on the beach, where he was first rescued by Ariel, blowing into the shell as a way of calling out for her (Also as a call back to that scene because it literally is just filler without a call back) and then Ariel comes up behind him (The camera angle is at the side of him, showcasing the ocean and Eric simultaneously) and Ariel says his name and he turns and rushes to her and scoops her up (Like Dylan depicted) and then he spins her around because he also does that in the animated film (if I remember correctly).

    This is just how I would’ve liked to see it, if you guys had anything else in mind I’d love to hear it.

  8. aliyah zulkarnain says:

    you made a point about how when sebastian was telling ariel that she had to kiss the prince in 3 days, her facial expressions didn’t show any register of that information but thats the point. ursula included in the spell that no matter how hard ariel tries, she won’t remember that she has to kiss the prince so she literally is unable to register that information

  9. xcreativechristyx says:

    I saw the film and never realized Eric and Ariel never had an actual conversation on screen. Didn’t realize it until you said it. You had really great points! Eric definitely could have spinned her around in his arms so the reunion scene was kind of anti climatic.

  10. lanzi_xo says:

    Really surprised Dylan didn’t pick up on the fact that Medrucula took one of Ariel’s scales, which made it a blood-binding contract rather than a signed one. I thought that was a great plot point that added more darkness to the conflict of the film, and I was stoked for Dylan to talk about it because he has an affinity for blood and death, but he completely missed it which makes me sad lol.

    • glowinluna says:

      He was too distracted, simping over Ursula

    • Jess5_11 says:

      Yes plus it helped the sort of weird plot hole that she can sign her own name but doesn’t think to write anything down for Eric 😂 I actually liked a lot of the changes they made the film itself was just kind of lifeless which is a shame

    • Brennicolas says:

      He also didn’t pick up on the fact that Ursula put a forgetting spell in the potion when she literally explained it, I love when film critics complain about movies “dumbing down the plot” for audiences when this guy who spent half his reaction critiquing the filmmaking was confused about a plot point that was literally spelled out like 5 minutes prior

    • Astro Wolvez says:


    • Tsha Craza says:

      Bro medrucula 😭😭💀

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