Killua VS Misaka (Hunter x Hunter VS A Certain Magical Index) | DEATH BATTLE!

Killua VS Misaka (Hunter x Hunter VS A Certain Magical Index) | DEATH BATTLE!

Thunderbolts and railguns collide in this electrifying match!

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47 Responses

  1. Imaginary King says:

    Never forget that while all this is going on…

    – Gon is searching for his dad
    – Touma is getting bitten by index
    – Bungee Gum possess the properties of both rubber and gum

  2. Big Nose Entertainment says:

    I REALLY appreciated Killua mentioning Gotoh after he caught Misaka’s first coin!

  3. Travis Murtland says:

    Lightning powers have always had a special place in my heart. That and Gravity lend themselves so well to dramatic effect and visuals.

    • your local gacha boy says:

      Gravity is just a vector. Accelerator is your man

    • E Jam says:

      Love gravity. Desperately want Lance Crown in a db sometime

    • Ian R. Nava Huber says:

      @your local gacha boy So Gravity and vectors go hand to hand?
      electromagnetism is another of the 4 fundamental forces of the universes….
      exactly what can we do do show a difference between weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force?
      strong nuclear force, according to super power wiki, would be something like doctor manhattan levels of matter nd particle alteration and control. Also, something similar happens to captain atom, who is constantly emitting radiation.
      weak nuclear force would be something more tied to “decay” but also “control”. kinda similar to different. able to transmute, fuse and destabilize stuff. and be radioactive
      apparently firestar is an user of the weak force.

      is kinda difficult to properly differienciate visually a strong and weak force user.
      i guess weak force would be portrayed with the usual green radioactive imagery and maybe some red due to their potential of fire and potential solar manipulation. be used as “destruction with the potential ot create”
      strong force user would be more about control of matter in general. be the “opposite” to strong force and say “creation with the potential to destruction”. be the ultimate conclusion of someone who “controls the elements”

    • Nik Espen says:

      @Ian R. Nava Huber Well Gravity is neither Force nor vector, but instead a property of our spacetime.

    • Ian R. Nava Huber says:

      @Nik Espen interesting…. can you tell me more please?

  4. PG3D gaming says:

    Killua preview 0:43
    Misaka preview 7:55
    The fight 14:48
    Next match 19:50

  5. jag519 says:

    I wasnt sure about power scale, but with him being as fast as lightning and her powers being as fast as light, I knew with speed alone she should have this.

    • Ricky Yang says:

      Plus the fact they said killua had 1mill and then they said she had 1billion I was like….I think they just wanted a filler match up😂

    • 0 BS Tolerance says:

      Killua isnt even lightning

    • CaseNumber00 says:

      Killua is an electricity user while Misaka can manipulate electro-magnitism. I think thats the real reason she won, she know the properties and science behind her abilities and effectively utilize them. Example, being a lighting user you cant shoot or make a railgun however, Misaka can exploit the properties of electro-magnitism, in this case Lorennz force, to make a railgun. I always thought that Misaka could just put some amperage into her abilities and easily kill someone, it take 100-200 or 0.1 – 0.2 amps to stop someones heart. A 60 watt bulb hooked up to a 110 volt N. American wall socket is 0.54 amps.

    • jag519 says:

      @0 BS Tolerance yeah, but it said his stuff can move at the speed of lightning, which is very fast, but not even close to the speed of light. haha. If I can swing a yo-yo at you and hit you at the speed of lightning, that’s ridiculously fast. But if you can hit me at the speed of light, that yo-yo isnt even out of my hand before I’m dead. haha

    • jag519 says:

      @CaseNumber00 so I don’t know either anime really, but my question is, if she was against magneto, would she get stomped, or would that be a better matchup than this? Is he like as much stronger than she is as she is stronger than Killua?

  6. Markel Craig says:

    Intro (0:03)
    Killua’s Rundown (0:41)
    Misaka’s Rundown (7:56)
    Fight (14:47)
    Results (17:36)
    Next Time (19:49)

  7. Steamed Thighs says:

    I expected the death to be gory, but I didn’t really expect Killua to just pop like a critical hit on Fruit Ninja.

  8. says:

    Even as someone who has never seen Hunter × Hunter and hasn’t heard of A Certain Magical Index until this was announced, I really liked this episode. It was strategic and everything after the kaiju especially was incredible. I’ll definitely be sure to watch these shows eventually! Also Stitch VS Rocket is so hype

    • Albert The Peacock says:

      HxH mid better anniemay like the SpongeBoboru Z surpasses everything

    • ZachRoDah says:

      Gonna bet on Rocket, but rooting for Stitch.

    • pyrosianheir says:

      Index is… weird. By which, I mean that its watch order is odd. There’s Index, Railgun, and Accelerator (A Certain Scientific for the latter two instead of magical) all of which are canon and overlapping. So, if you want to follow the whole thing, definitely look up a watch order. I…. have yet to do so, mostly because that’s intimidating to find out, haha.

    • Nonines says:

      The watch/read order is really not that overwhelming once you actually start.

    • Silver_Sour says:

      @Nonines XD

  9. Toad says:

    I felt really bad for Wiz honestly, he looked really passionate about explaining the nen power system. LET MY MAN COOK!!

  10. Ahmet says:

    Seeing a character from Index/Railgun makes me so happy. Hopefully we will get more of them in the future ! And happy that Misaka won, since she is stronger.

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