Is There Any Hope for Halo?

Is There Any Hope for Halo?

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With the recent layoffs at Microsoft and 343 Industries, many have started to question the future of Halo Infinite and the franchise itself. Is there any hope for Halo? After so much has gone wrong? Only one way to find out…

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Introduction – 0:00
The Layoffs – 3:00
Joe Staten Leaving Halo – 7:38
Who Should Make Halo Games? – 8:20
Microsoft’s Role – 10:10
Notable People to Leave 343 Industries – 11:51
What is the Cause of 343i’s Woes? – 15:30
Is There Any Hope For Halo? – 21:02

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44 Responses

  1. The Act Man says:

    Thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring this video! New subscribers get 20% off their first box — go to and enter code ACT20 at checkout.

    With the recent layoffs at Microsoft and 343 Industries, many have started to question the future of Halo Infinite and the franchise itself. Is there any hope for Halo? After so much has gone wrong? Only one way to find out…

    • Tawleyn says:

      I’m sure you’ve seen already, but it seems another person to get the Axe is Kiki Wolfkill. Long overdue in my opinion.

    • Dr.Pristine says:

      4:24 i completely agree that activision combined with the L’s 343 has been getting it’s the perfect excuse to do that

    • Beregond says:

      This reminds me of something Mithrandir once said, “There never was much hope. Just a fool’s hope.”

    • The Chicago Box says:

      Halo is and always will be one of my favorite games. I’ve been let down ultimately with the post 360 era of Halo, and if they never get it back on track I’ll still have that original Halo trilogy. I hope they can correct course as it’s an excellent universe that’s been created, and if they do then I’ll be first in line. As it stands though, I’m in agreement that MS has dropped the ball hard with their flagship game.

    • blindside32 says:

      It’s imperative to look for silver linings in times like these, and the silver lining I see is this: Even if there is never another good Halo, at least we still have what was. The original trilogy, ODST, Reach, 4, and if you like it, 5. They ain’t taking that away.

  2. Fallen Saiyan456 says:

    Joe was the master of Halo storytelling but when the world needed him most….he vanished.

  3. MrSyntax says:

    AS a programer I can say without a shadow of a doubt that trying to fix someone else’s code is fkn hard af especially when you dont have the person who worked on it to ask questions

    • Ghost Noodle says:

      Is commenting not common practice in game development?

    • Shareef Bryant says:

      This is exactly why I have been blaming Microsoft for this mess ever since the public found out about this moronic contractor program they implemented. 343 has had their fair share of screwups but I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to maintain any semblance of consistency when they weren’t allowed to keep employees for more than a year or two at a time.

    • Ck Dunahee says:

      @brazwen its the worst lol, especially when the commits they make have no message and they diddnt comment their code

    • Pity my cat says:

      That’s why documentation is important

    • rvolmed says:

      No no no let the armchair developers believe they can fix everything and make a better game themselves

  4. SaintsRobbed says:

    I remember the Halo 5 days, and your older videos. I thought the worst of Halo was behind us. It’s disappointing to see the state of Infinite right now. This should’ve been revival for the series.

    • Eemil Vanced says:

      @Jackson Relaxin’ Campaign sucked, no one wants to play it. But yet people play MCC all day coop with friends. Thats why the bad rep

    • Troy Powers says:

      Need For Speed Players: First time?

    • Sckreech says:

      Say what you want about halo 5… at least there way always something to do and hundreds of game modes and fun social games. I always had fun….

      When playing infinite i felt like i had to turn off my brain

    • Dilly Vesper says:

      @Criplingpowr p

    • Pity my cat says:

      @Jackson Relaxin’ Well. The campaign was really bad, if you look only at Halo 5 multiplayer you could say it was a bit wacky and out of the ordinary for Halo but at least it has the OG Halo 2 BR and OG M6D Magnum frm Halo CE

  5. Anthony pittman says:

    What makes this downfall the even more heartbreaking is the fact of how close they were to making a great game, the gameplay felt great, and pvp was fun the hard part was finished, and at the FUCKING finish line they fumbled it, it was THIS close man.

    • Randall Pink says:

      @ᴸᵁᴹᴵᴺᴬMajin Fuu honey, I guarantee I’ve been playing halo just as long as you. If you’re whining about sprint, you’re doing kid shit.

    • ᴸᵁᴹᴵᴺᴬMajin Fuu says:

      @Randall Pink very poor attempt at gaslighting and generalizing bud

    • Randall Pink says:

      @ᴸᵁᴹᴵᴺᴬMajin Fuu then why you bitching like children then?


    • ᴸᵁᴹᴵᴺᴬMajin Fuu says:

      @Randall Pink oh hush, any of us that have been playing halo since it’s initial release are adults

    • Randall Pink says:

      @SirLonster nah, kids crying about a game mechanic.

      “oH tEh NoEs GuYs! MiStEr ChIeF mAn CaN rUn TeN pErCeNt FaStEr TeH gAmE iZ bRoKeN”

  6. Mistah Fox says:

    Before Halo Infinite came out, me and my friend realized how closely Halo games resembled the Star Wars movies in their quality and reception, and my friend asked if that meant Halo Infinite was going to be The Rise of Skywalker of Halo. I hoped not, but….

  7. Blue Swan says:

    As someone who works in the film industry, I think that incompetent leadership is just everywhere in art and entertainment. A lot of people at the top have never created anything in their lives, so they just lack any perspective on what it takes to make a AAA game or billion dollar movie.

    • Negative says:

      @Derek M Both Top Gun and Avatar made well over a billion dollars each, and Marvel movies are still pulling a shitload of cash. This is also the age of streaming, where people aren’t exactly excited to leave their homes to go spend a fortune at a movie theater. So yes, you ARE out of touch.

    • Derek M says:

      @Negative Yeah, I’m out of touch. Not Hollywood who just had their lowest box office take for the last 25 years. And if you take Top Gun out of the numbers, it’s the lowest they have had in the last 40.

      AAA gaming hasn’t been hit quite as hard yet, but that’s only because they are a decade behind Hollywood on their cancer.

    • 0blivion Void says:

      @Orcawhale I work in wastewater for a small county. Can confirm, nobody in charge knows anything about wastewater :/

    • TacticalTruth says:

      This is one of the reasons that studios need to stop making solely massive gargantuan budget titles and make some mid tier stuff again. You can only hit homeruns for so long. Making smaller, cheaper, less intensive projects allows people to cultivate skills and be more creative. Many directors got their starts on B tier movies, and many of the most beloved movies and games were much smaller scale projects.

    • Negative says:

      @Derek M This is the most out of touch thing I’ve read all morning

  8. Mr. Diddles says:

    “Where is Infection?” I couldn’t help but laugh when that question was brought up. The undeniable truth is making a flagship title successful can be very challenging, and it seemed like there were too many uncooked eggs in the basket. Microsoft’s incompetent leadership has led 343 and the community to struggle

    • Sterling Burton says:

      “Uncooked eggs”? lol 343 doesn’t even have the basket. they’re just chasing the hen around the field.

  9. AtomicDre says:

    Its crazy to hear the amount of people that left and how long they were with the company. Sounds like the foundation gave way and this skyscraper doesn’t have the support to stand straight for much longer without it.

  10. Hunter Kincaid says:

    A lot of the people who left seemed to have done so towards the end of the dev cycle, which could also mean pushed out. Bonnie Ross, the one there for 15 years, was most certainly responsible for the terrible dev cycle, overall franchise direction, and most missteps 343 took while she was head honcho. I’m pretty sure she was pushed out.

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