Is This the Worst Game Ever?

Is This the Worst Game Ever?

Warning : This video contains footage of the Gollum game.

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45 Responses

  1. vamperjr says:

    I like how when you fall to your death, the game makes sure Smeagol fucking lands on his head to make sure he’s really dead.

  2. r0st3r07 says:

    “like all high quality games, the smeagol game comes with an apology” truly the future is now

  3. Jack Jacksonson says:

    I am genuinely flabbergasted that this was even released

    • Jimmy Meridian says:

      I’m no Tolkien fan, but the idea for this at least sounded okay…I guess…
      Seems like they just went about it the wrong way though.

    • TerribleTimmy says:

      It’s legitimately shocking… how in the hell did this get greenlit??????

    • Bin Frishinger says:

      @TerribleTimmy why wouldn’t it get greenlit? It could work if it wasn’t as bad as it is.

    • Yogurt says:

      this game wasn’t released.

      it escaped.

    • Banana says:

      @TerribleTimmy Because these companies see their customers as complete and utter idiots who buy any old crap if it has a well known brand name attached too it…. and you know what? Half the time they are right. But they have no respect for us at all….

  4. taurajpn says:

    This game really makes you feel like one of father’s rats

  5. ernesto antunes says:

    That Balan Wonderland comparison was brutal, this is the most ruthless thing I’ve ever seen dunkey do

  6. JogOnYaChickenNugget says:

    The fact Gollum literally looks nothing like Gollum is crazy

    • Paul _ says:

      Should have called it Colin

    • Inkdrocket says:

      One major about that: It’s because games license from BOOKS not Jackson’s movies. The movies likeness is “copyrighted” or they cant easily copy it. Mordor games were movie-licensed so they could copy the likeness easily. However, the model is kinda bad in the end..

    • JogOnYaChickenNugget says:

      @Inkdrocket ahhh thanks for explanation tho

    • Gared Stark says:

      @Inkdrocket Oh I just thought it was because he was like a younger Gollum, still partly Smeagol, not yet wholly physically corrupted by the ring.
      I guess I gave them too much credit.

    • Inkdrocket says:

      @Gared Stark I mean I guess they could’ve done that as well. It’s still bit awkward looking, I agree. Real shame too. The devs are actually really good at making some point and click games and not bad at 3D. Look at their ken follett’s the pillars of the earth game. That artstyle is really amazing in it too and games not bad. But supposedly their publisher is super shady and probably big part of the plunder.

  7. kips says:

    the fact that their game was so bad they had to apologise for the game itself is just incredible

    • The Ban Man says:

      their game was so bad they couldnt spare the time to write an apology because they were still coding it after release
      so they let the AI do it

    • William Henning says:

      “Lord of Ring”

    • skillethead15 says:

      It’s an embarrassment. They should have cancelled this monstrosity before it even released.

    • pjdlol says:

      you really need to think, at any point during development did someone say ‘hey this looks like trash’ or were they all extremely proud of their product. If they were proud that is absolutely sad

    • rorrim0 says:

      Not my place to accept such an apology, though I will note they also need to apologize for charging 10$ for lore content to hide the fact this was not a 59$ game but a 69$ one.

  8. Rusted Gold says:

    This is the game that game journalists have asked for! “I want a game I can relate to.” Thank you, Dunkey, for being honest

    • Sigma says:

      I mean, PC Gamer and Shacknews gave it a 6/10, while many others gave it 4/10, so this isn’t even satire at this point.

    • Theodore says:

      Game journalists couldn’t relate to this because even Sméagol has some redeeming qualities

    • R03 says:

      @Sigma 6/10 implies it is better than your average game just showing how bunked the /10 ratings really are

    • Lost Woods says:

      When you beat the game, Gollum gets a job on the editorial board at the New York Times. It’s not really winning.

  9. BaddieMcBadBad says:

    They did such an amazing job with this game. They wanted to make a dark, depressing, gritty experience. Not only is the atmosphere dark, depressing, and gritty. But so are the mechanics and gameplay. What a success

  10. Sean Hunter says:

    It’s really amazing that at no point during this process did anyone wonder to themselves whether it was a good idea. Like they just made a ticket that said “make it fun” and then left it in the backlog and then went “Oh well, we’re out of time we’ll have to make it fun in a patch or something”. The comparison with Balan Wonderland is an excellent one because as terrible as that game is you can at least see that if it had not been so badly done it *could* have been fun to play. This is just the most tedious things in all games compressed into one hideous package, layered on with some terrible graphics and phoned-in animations and then someone said “well it’s a total turd so we can’t make it full price. I know! Let’s make it $10 off and then for the extra $10 they can have some emotes and the in-game encyclopedia that comes for free with all self-respecting games”.

    • Pastillas con pure says:

      Im still in shock. They paywalled the elvish voice acting.
      In a Lord of the Rings game.

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