Israel Adesanya Reacts to Islam Makhachev’s Head Kick KO of Alex Volkanovski

Israel Adesanya Reacts to Islam Makhachev’s Head Kick KO of Alex Volkanovski

Two Time UFC Middleweight Champion Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya Reacts to the wild UFC 294 pay per view headlined by Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski. Khamzat Chimaev also faces Kamaru Usman in the co-main event.

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40 Responses


    All the props and respect to Kamaru & Alex for taking their fights on 11 days notice!

  2. القاضي حمادي says:

    I’m a huge Islam fan but seeing Volk lose like that was heartbreaking for me I felt bad for him, respect volk

  3. hxnter says:

    I can’t explain the respect I have for Izzy posting these reactions even when something like this happens… I love all the guys at CKB, so inspiring.

  4. [Insert creative name here] says:

    I’ve never felt this sad seeing anyone lose. I’d rather it have been another close decision loss. He looked so strong in their first grappling exchange too.

  5. MyWORDisntGospel says:

    Man, Volk is a legend and an inspiration. Even in defeat, it’s the fact that he challenged himself like that in the first place.

    From across the pond, i will always have respect for the NZ and Aussie fighters.

  6. Colby McLemore says:

    This has been a really rough month as a fan of you and Volk, y’all are my two favorite fighters. Please help Volk understand that returning in January is a terrible idea. You two are my inspiration no matter what and all my love to the both of you and the rest of CKB. ❤

    • Pan says:

      Why is it a bad idea for him to return in January?

    • non blogger says:

      ​@Pan because he got brutal Head kicked

    • the big cheese says:

      ​@Pan Because he is like 35 years old and doesn’t need to be immediately turning around after a KO loss to fight a guy like Topuria with heat in his hands.

    • Creased Horizon says:

      @Pan To give his brain more time to recover after the concussion and knockout. It’s never a good idea for a fighter to rush back in after getting KOed. Usman came back against Leon way too early and it likely costs him during their second fight. It just affects them, their movement, their mental, their ability to make reads etc. But especially the mental because it makes them question if their chin will still hold up and affects their confidence. That affects them in many ways during the fight.

  7. Âncora says:

    Essa última parte mostrou que se fizerem um acústico dessa música será de tocar na alma.❤

  8. Gobothechairman says:

    Massive respect for both, Volk and Kamaru. I know it’s business but these two fights shouldn’t been took place. Not enough time to face opponents with such high level. BTW have a nice summer Izzy. Peace to everyone who is reading this.🙏🏼

  9. O.B says:

    You can never say these guys have nothing to lose for taking a fight… every time they step in there they are coming out a different person mentally and/or physically. Hope for a speedy recovery Volk as that the KO didn’t do much damage. Take as much time off as you need then take a little more

    • The Active Life says:

      To be frank, the brain is never the same after a concussion… MMA is just nutts…it’s such a new sport, I’m scared to think about how all fighters will be in their 50s-80s…they’re quite a few OG fighters from the early 90s that are in real bad shape today…constant head trauma ain’t no joke…

    • Michele Kalina says:

      Concussions do no damage. Yeah okay. 🤦

  10. Dorian Rose says:

    You can see the emotion in Izzy when volkanovski got head kicked. Izzy was devastated, as the rest of us were. True friend and teammate 💯

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