I don’t often get robbed by Billion dollar corporations… but when I do, I win. Grab an X-RAY skin for your device HERE: http://dbrand.com/x-ray and help us fight the unprincipled behemoth that is Casetify.

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Looking for a Casetify Review? Maybe look at this first.

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42 Responses

  1. dbrand says:

    Imagine trying to get away with right-clicking Agent 47.


    Supporting you 100% on this case 👏👏

  3. Mr Prongles says:

    Didn’t expect anyone to get Zack this angry that he would sue someone…
    Well congrats Casetify… you did it!

  4. CSGOLegendary Ceif says:

    I 100% expected this to be a “Someone Broke into my House” type of situation. Not ” A Billion Dollar Company ripped off my Designs” deal. Crazy situation, but I’m glad you’re safe. Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S. and happy Thursday afternoon to everyone else.

  5. Humberto Brandao says:

    Aplausos de pie por el buen trabajo que ustedes hacen.

    Espero que a esos que han copiado un trabajo de miles de horas reciban su merecido.

  6. yupanquid says:

    This reminds me of the way maps used to be “copyrighted” by sneaking in some towns and islands that didn’t exist as a copy-check. I hope all goes well with this, Zack. Cheers

    • Simon Howes says:

      I was thinking of paper towns also.

    • Bondsmith1 says:

      and Dictionaries have one made up word that does not exist in the english language, so that if another company decided to copy their words and make a rip-off dictionary they would know immediately.

  7. Victor-charles Scafati says:

    Whatever lawyer suggested that you add the Easter eggs really earned their retainer. This technique is exactly what map publishers do—they add a little town here, add a street there, to prove copyright violations. Go get them, Zach!

    • Gulyus says:

      This is actually something older than you expect. Maps used to do it add an extra town here and there that doesn’t exist) so anyone that copies would tell on themselves. Phone Books also did the same – adding people and numbers that don’t exist – for much the same reason.

    • Victor-charles Scafati says:

      @Gulyus How odd, for you to reply to my comment with exactly the same point that I made. Are you doing some kind of weird meta-plagiarism due to the subject matter?

    • Posiadam says:

      ⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠@Victor-charles Scafatiit’s not the same point – you said that map publishers DO that kind of stuff, he said they USED to do it long before. And he also added phone book case (pun intended). So you are trying to be funny but you’re not 🙂

    • Bun says:

      ​@Victor-charles Scafatino you’re just misreading lmao

    • Thomas Oldbury says:

      @Victor-charles Scafati chill dude

  8. Seed says:

    God.., if they are doing this to you, they are 100% doing it to other people as well…

    • Josh Opray says:

      They will have the nerve to do things like this. Such a shame. Hopefully he gets money out of lawsuit against them. And that the company goes bankrupt and stops existing as company

    • Josh Opray says:

      Hopefully Zach will see your comment. Either way, hope he tries to have a good thanksgiving otherwise. And I apologize for asking about his S8+ so much. I figured I’d ask for something unique to try out.

    • Seed says:

      @DERTYthegrower֎ … how on earth am I a bot, just asking…

    • Josh Opray says:

      They were stupid enough to tag me, not you. Either way report them@Seed

    • Clement Poon says:

      the @seed channel was hacked, there is an archive of the channel page and it was called “melissalwin” or something back then

  9. Denracer says:

    I know exactly how this happened. Casetify is a Hong Kong based company where the company is giving designers barely any time nor budget to come up with ideas. I would not be surprised if the high turnover of the designer inside just straight up copied the design so that he or she won’t get fired. How do I know? I’m an industrial designer that worked at Hong Kong. And most of us all know Casetify is a shitty company to work in.

  10. Namelesshunter Gaming says:

    I love this update Jerry, I hope it won’t take years, and we all know the millions will be well spend.

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