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  1. Dee Vasquez says:

    6 year hiatus, 7th solo studio album to debut at number 1, had a number 1 hit, had every song chart on billboard, won multiple Grammys in a new genre, made Grammy history, highest grossing female tour thus far with ONLY 56 shows, broke multiple tour records, Only Beyonce can achieve this WITHOUT a single music video and little to no promotion. Literally 1 of 1 🐝🐝

  2. Matthew M says:

    “I have nothing left to prove to anyone “ powerful words by a well deserved, talented individual yesss… THE QUEEN Beyoncé 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Valerie says:

    She truly doesn’t have anything left to prove! She was able to have fun during this tour and be herself and that’s why this was one of the BEST tours I have ever seen.

    • I Am The Total Package says:

      I hate when people say “she’s having fun” you Lev obviously never been on tour with her! She always have fun and jokes with us! Since her Mrs. Carter World tour!!! Only new fans say this 🙄 he on tour and her televised are two different things.

    • mikeym88 says:

      @I Am The Total Package I’ve seen all her tours and STILL agree that she had more fun this go around, it’s an obvious shift. She even said it.

  4. wurtl says:

    This is what art is about. Beyoncé is a living legend, and has broken just about every barrier there is. For a while, she stayed confined behind societal and industry norms, but that has clearly changed. She’s fully embedded in her own art, expressing, honoring, and representing things that still aren’t as acceptable in modern society. Her impact will remain supreme for decades to come…may we never forget this legend.💛🖤

  5. quietjoy says:

    Can we talk about Beyoncé, Michelle, Kelly, Latavia and Letoya reuniting backstage and hugging each other? That’s a moment for the history books. These women went through everything together, it’s so special to see this happen again after all these years.

  6. Kairo says:

    She is THE greatest of all time. No debate.
    25+ Years in the game and weathered every storm.
    From girl groups to her solo career.
    From single life to motherhood.
    From singer to business mogul.
    From beauty pageants to Grammys.
    From cassettes to streaming.
    From pop to alternative music (and everything in between).
    From the mall to sold out stadiums.
    From phone screens to movie screens.
    And we haven’t even seen what else she is capable of. 👑👑

  7. •SmhElea• says:

    Can we acknowledge how long Beyoncé has been around and how beautiful and talented she is! Her kids growing up to be just like her going under her wing. We love you Beyoncé you deserve all of this!!!!❤❤🎉 This is YOUR reward!

  8. marvel ntuk says:

    “I have nothing to prove at this point” “this is my reward” PERIOD QUEEN! 😭✨

  9. Mark Gomez Alcantara says:

    The vocals are so clear we better be getting a live album 🤩🤩

  10. Deangle Rivers says:

    I love when she makes these documentaries, it’s her way of connecting to with as her supporters and fans. We love you Bey ❤

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