J. Cole – procrastination (broke)

J. Cole – procrastination (broke)

@jcole – pracrastination (broke)
prod. @Bvtman
Much love and appreciation to this right here & J Cole.

More life.
One Love.

– Bvtman

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30 Responses

  1. Boyfifty says:

    This proves exactly why cole is a legend

  2. Flow Fiya says:

    Can you imagine waking up and seeing a random message from J Cole with a attachment of him rapping to your beat…insane…I’d prolly shed a few tears lol

    • Let's Hear It says:

      Bruh I wouldn’t believe it. I’d be hella skeptical lol

    • Horacio Nivar says:

      it didnt even happened to me and i shed tears cuz of this, is just a beautiful moment in life and a dream realized for the producer. its powerful. this the type of shit that will make u wanna keep on going on if u feelin down. Cole is a certified GOAT, no doubt about it and i hope this opens up hella doors for the producer. ima listen this joint for a good while🙌🏼

    • O.N. says:

      Is shed way more than a few tears

    • Krazy Latino says:

      That’s why J. Cole the 🐐🔥


    We couldn’t be happier for you the producer of so many tracks to be recognized as worldwide….and couldn’t be more thankful to J.Cole for expanding you throughout the world 💯✌🏾

  4. RaichuAM says:

    I’m so hit by this song, 25, unemployed at the moment, feeling like i’ll never own a house, feeling like money is the ultimate motivation but can truly break down someones psyche so low it could make you hurt yourself or the ones you love just for a piece of something stable man it hurts but cole makes me feel like its not over, cause it never really is over until you’re 6 feet under.

    • Jordan Miller says:

      @Ja- -Getti No matter where you work, your title, your dollar amount; If you aren’t setting personal goals and dreams you can find a “dream job” and still be hopeless/down in the dumps. TIME and goals can never be bought. Keep your head above the water and do what makes YOU happy and fulfilled my friend 🙏🏻🤙🏻 Best of luck to you and everyone going through it. When there’s darkness, there is always light that follows. Even in the light there are shadows, just keep your best at pushing forward, not looking back and fulfilling self goals. Nothing can match that 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Harmony 737 says:

      Never say never… It’s the mind fuk of the merican nightmare-dreams we sold/lies we told. Write it dwn-make a vision board-and HUSTLE. Set a goal-then take the baby steps. We all felt how u feel at that age. Trust love-Make ripples… Then turn them to waves

    • isaya chimwani says:

      Going through same shit. Keep your head up bro

    • Brendan Willis says:

      Even then it’s not over my brother much love. Life Is a journey earth is beautiful just focus on the roots and the flower will bloom.

    • El Barto says:

      Really, really needed to hear this right now. Thank you.

  5. Ronny Rueda says:

    Que emoción que por tu trabajo llegue a tu canal J Cole.
    Solo hay que ser contaste y perseverancia en lo que amas hacer,

  6. HipHopDX says:

    This is one of the dopest moments in recent Hip Hop memory. Cole is a goat and deserves all of the respect

  7. Raps & Hustles says:

    Damn 😳 that’s real love ❤️ ❤🙏🏾

  8. Aj Oops says:

    Well deserved this dude puts out so much music for us to casually tap on and freestyle 😭😭

  9. YourMajesty says:

    This is for every hustler out there, this is that spark of hope every hustler needed, this is that every dream is possible. Congratulations my bro Bvtman.

  10. Sergio Torres says:

    Bro, you deserve this! This is real proof that staying the course and following through on your passion can pay off in ways you could never imagine!

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