j-hope ‘MORE’ Official Teaser

j-hope ‘MORE’ Official Teaser

j-hope ‘MORE’ Official Teaser

Production : Boring Studio
Director : Lee Suho
Creative Director : Yoon Junhee
Executive Producer : Lee Seokjun
Assistant Director : Jeon Sehoon
Production Assistant : Kwon Je-heon, Lee Hoyoung

D.O.P. : Lee Jinhyuk
Focus Puller : Lee Kwangsu
2nd A.C : Ryu Seunggyu
DIT : Son Wooseok
3rd A.C : Hong Kyungui

Gaffer : Oh Jonghwan
1st : Kim Hyung-gyun
2nd : Bae Hyun, Lee Kyunghwan
3rd : Yu Jae-jun, Choi Hyungeon
4th : Jeong Heewook, Yoon Jaewoong

Robot arm : Graft
Operator : Sul Jeewon
PD : Kim Eui-kwan
1st : KIm Heeyeop
2nd : Oh Seunghun
3rd : Heo Inbeom

Jimmy Jib : Speed
Operator : Ji Seunghyun
1st : Bing Junghyun
2nd : Lee Jingyu

Production Design : Jung Boram(RAMI)
Art Team : Kim Hongyee(RAMI), Kim Seoah(RAMI), Moon Sohee(RAMI)
Set Decorator : Kong Sehyun, Han Seokhui, Kim Hyunsoo

3D VFX : AQUON, Sunisle
2D VFX : Kim Hanbin

Cast Hair stylist : Oh Jihye
Assistant : Kim Suyeon
Cast Make up artist : Lee Seoyeong
Assistant : Sung Jeongeon

Special Makeup Team : EIDOS
Special Makeup Chief : Jo Hyeongjun, Kim Minsoo
Special Makeup Assistant : Kim Chaelin, Yang Hyojin, Park Narim, Lee Sihwan, Lee Yoonjung, Choe Misun, Kim Yena

Storyboard : Lee Sooyeon

Supporting Team
Team Leader : Lee Kyoungjin
Team Member : Jeong Hyeok, Lee Myungdong

BIGHIT MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BIGHIT MUSIC, Seoul, Korea.

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20 Responses

  1. 7 Purple Butterflies says:


  2. Yanne A Sousa says:

    Nosso Solzinho (Hope) brilha mesmo no escuro. Um artista completo!!!

  3. Lidya Cruz says:

    El ritmo, el fondo musical y su voz……. necesito escucharla completa!!!!!!!

  4. Juni Hope says:

    Dios mio!!!! J hoooopeeeeeeee!! Se nos viene arte!!

  5. ♡Mariana♡ says:

    Encerio deseaba tanto el regreso de Jhope DIOOSSS MIOO LLORO

  6. Valentina says:

    I trust that Hoseok will do the best in his song This is not strange for J-Hope who takes care of everything He is perfect so I look forward to his voice and his perfect song style

  7. leonardo soliz says:

    Vamos a tener arte , mucho arte .J-HOPEEEEEEEEEEE.

  8. Andrea C. says:

    Será maravilloso

  9. Наталья Хаустова says:

    Я с огромным нетерпением жду албом, мне это напоминает красочный фейерверк с каждым выстрелом всё больше наростает крик, выходящий из сердца,,, восторг захлëстывает, вот-вот будет то что вырвет этот крик из тебя,, Хоби💜, жду, уже чувствую тот вкус наслаждения, люблю и уважаю вас всех💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  10. Rabar omer says:

    the fact that no one really knows what to expect from the album, what the songs will sound like and what he’s up to next just makes everything so much more exciting. nothing tops an artist with such a diverse range that everything they do is astonishing.

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