Jack Harlow – Lovin On Me [Official Music Video]

Jack Harlow – Lovin On Me [Official Music Video]

Jack Harlow – Lovin On Me
Stream/Download: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/LovinOnMe

Website: https://www.jackharlow.us/
Instagram: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Instagram
Twitter: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Twitter
Facebook: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Facebook

Youtube: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/YouTube
SoundCloud: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/SoundCloud
Spotify: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Spotify
Apple: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Apple

The official YouTube channel of Generation Now and Atlantic Records artist Jack Harlow. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more.


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36 Responses

  1. Azerrz says:

    This is like a modernized version of Confetti Jack I fuck with it!

  2. Jocelyne F. Gomez says:

    This is just something you listen to when getting ready and sing along to smiling cause of how good and a vibe it is

  3. victoria rodriguez says:

    This new Jack era is everythinggggg, i’m definitely gonna have this on repeat frfr. Video gives me early 2000s vibes

  4. Paydro 66 says:

    they always gon hate something new and original, just do what you like. god bless and stand on bidness!

    • Cjsqo says:

      This a Drake/Tyga track wym something new 😂 good but not new or original.. N that’s not hating.. Shit can be good w out being “ a new sound”

    • Kendrick Lanar says:

      This isn’t original at all

    • carti better says:

      @Kendrick Lanar that’s funny coming from kanye wests biggest fan 💀

    • Kendrick Lanar says:

      @carti better Kanye makes original albums and has original ideas. He is one of the most original rappers ever

    • carti better says:

      @Kendrick Lanar ok, who tf cares, it’s a good song, enjoy the song, instead of saying “it’s not original yadayada” newsflash, nothing is original, dude. no one and nothing is original, other than human beings, and their personalities, nothing entertainment wise is original.

  5. Brian Otieno says:

    Jack always delivers . Not a single miss . God bless him so he can give us more hits like this

  6. Alexis Oller says:

    As a night shift nurse. Thank you. This will be on repeat all night for probably the rest of time. 😂

  7. Zac Coonan says:

    This song is fire. We ready for this new era Jack 🔥🔥🔥

  8. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    i will work on a song and send clothes to Jack Harlow one day, speaking it into existence 🙏🏼

  9. Nevaeh Lyons 💕 says:

    He’s such an underrated artist he deserves so much hype 😔❤️

  10. vzualz says:

    Love when music is actually different, there’s still talent out there

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