JaidynAlexis – Barbie [Official Music Video]

JaidynAlexis – Barbie [Official Music Video]

Shot By @LewisYouNasty

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37 Responses

  1. miniri says:

    if she keeps coming out with these kind of beats and smooth voice on the track i’m up for it , this finna be the vibe all the time

  2. Chante W says:

    I’m not going to lie, she has a nice voice and has real potential. I’ve always liked Jaidyn and can’t understand why people hate on her.

    • Slimmmthiccc says:

      they mad DAAT blueface likes her better

    • YH20 says:

      Bro if he likes her better he wouldn’t be making his bm rap about his other bm all her songs are about rock he put his feeling about rock into her music. He would respect Jayden more if he liked her more. She a puppet that’s why he liked rock cause she was his puppet now she don’t want to be or give him her money and so he goes to Jayden cause she the other dumb puppet over there. If he liked her more, he would’ve made this woman a rapper years ago. It took 10 years for her to be a rapper need to rock one 😂

    • Nikisha Mitchell says:

      Cuz they want her to just say here go my man rock you derve him more than me and my kids do.🤷‍♀️

    • Nikisha Mitchell says:

      ​@YH20Why not rock keep dissing her after crossing that line of sleeping with her man. Rock been dissing and disrespecting this girl since the first day she opened her legs.

  3. End of an Era out NOW says:

    Jaidyn is honestly turning into a superstar right infront of our eyes. 1 million views in 18 hours for a woman who only has like 3 songs is AMAZING.

    • emma mc donagh says:

      Questionable 😂

    • Tamika Jenkins says:

      Four songs now. You know what is amazing. Jaidyn reminds me a reminds a lot when Cardi B first started out. She had fans and haters. She thanked both.Her haters watched and bullied her a lot on her looks. What the Rocktards don’t get clicking the videos is a view. Trolling us who actually enjoy the video does nothing. You are creating a stronger fan base. Hate Watching is still a view. leaving hate comments still count. Rock song is a flop now Jaidyn is the bigger star. Face it. Blueface is a genius.Jaidyn first Lady of milf music

    • thepassenger says:

      1 million views because it’s on BlueFaces’ channel

    • Goddesswitch says:

      Who paid you to say this? LOL, this is a lie. Her video is tacky as hell, no matter how much money she spends on the video, she is not a musician. Everybody came to watch this because of the drama with Rock. They are still making money off that poor girl. I know. for sure he’s going to end up going to jail.

    • Kayla Villines says:

      Yeah cause he payed for the views

  4. Beautiful Soul says:

    She snapped every song she gets better and better, her voice don’t sound like fingers nails going down the chalk board. I’m proud of her.

  5. R.R_ Rosey says:

    Well Im not ashamed to say I’m loving her flow on this, respect sis, up n up

  6. Leanna Cruz says:

    She really popped off with this one. Jaidyn KEEP GOING YOU GETTING BETTER AND BETTER

  7. B May says:

    It’s good to see jaidyn win. She’s stood by for too much, not to be winning too.

  8. Nicolette Newell says:

    Happy Birthday Jaidyn 🎉 I dont comment much but its sad to see the hate she receives because she chose her highschool sweetheart and her kids. Blue better realize what he has. Song is 🔥focus on the music and improving #keepgoingjaidyn

    • Noreen Ulloa says:

      Seriously, never understood why so many ppl praise such a homewrecker type like Chrisean.. bullying, yelling, negative, & keeping a poor-innocent baby just to try & keep blue. All bad. I hope Blue stops acting so narcissistic tho & stays loyal to Jaidyn, or else I feel she’ll possibly move on years down the line.

  9. Brenda Morales says:

    love her voice. She has her own style and I love it. 💞💞

    • Global Drag says:


  10. DAYwithKAAY says:

    No AUTOTUNE… she killed this 🔥

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