Multiplayer Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Multiplayer Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

World Premiere of the #MW3 Multiplayer Trailer.

16 iconic maps modernized for fast-paced combat 🏃

Tune into #CODNext on October 5 for the premiere of live Multiplayer gameplay 🔥

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46 Responses

  1. Call of Duty says:

    Who’s ready for #MW3? 🔥

  2. FuzionDroid says:

    This is exactly what we wanted in MW2 🤣

    • MainTraders👿 says:

      First dude

    • Wyatt R says:


    • Eric Lucero says:

      What’s that?

    • T0anto says:

      Infinity Ward did not want to listen to player feedback so Acti went “Alright, DLC cancelled for ya. Sledge, have it”

    • Tarxzn says:

      mw2 was originally announced to be the first game to break the annual release cycle for cod. told us mw2 would be the main game for 2 years. cooperate fat cats didn’t like that idea, because less luxury yachts this year for them. so they then changed it to being a $70 DLC for mw2 that was gonna drop this year. Players all said that $70 for a DLC was wild af, and that nobody would buy it. So now that same DLC is being sold as a game. Its literally the same game, just with a few more maps and guns, just like every other cod dlc of the past. if you buy this, you’re part of the problem.

  3. HeardofGod15 says:

    Please let there be a theater mode where we can make our own cinematic masterpieces like this trailer. Imagine the marketing the playerbase would bring to the table with such a feature. People like @Kaiser would be able to make even better edits and keep the game in the public eye.

  4. Phil Deveaux says:

    I can’t tell the difference in terms of graphics between mw2 and this. It looks cool, but it really just looks like a improved mw2 ngl. I also wondered why they’d wait until mw3 to give us mw2 maps when we played mw2 for an entire year and couldn’t get any of the older maps. Hopefully they actually bring back some og mw3 maps as well

  5. Strider119119 says:

    Glad to see the MW2 classic maps return in…MW3?

  6. Mighty Leonard says:

    This trailer was phenomenal. My only problem: why wasn’t this content just delivered in MW2? My reason for purchasing will be the player base moving and the stunning content that could’ve been. No more 10 new bundles a week, no more taking DLCs to new games, and more delivery with the games you release.

  7. ImMarksman says:

    We’re really hoping this year will be a big improvement.

  8. aaronjgaming says:

    The nostalgia from em and Till I collapse because of 2009s Modern warfare 2 official launch trailer is unreal.

  9. Kennedy says:

    O pessoal que cuida dos trailers, sabem bem escolher as músicas ❤

  10. Craze Pure says:

    MW2 (2009) is my favourite cod. The amount of memories on that game were surreal. From SnD to Mike Myers with the boys, it’s lovely to see the iconic maps of my childhood make a proper return!🔥👌

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