“Jake Paul is a Combat Sports vulture!” Tyron Woodley speaks to Ariel Helwani

“Jake Paul is a Combat Sports vulture!” Tyron Woodley speaks to Ariel Helwani

Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley speaks in depth to Ariel Helwani ahead of boxing debut against Jake Paul in a heated grudge match.

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35 Responses

  1. Ali Kilisli says:

    If he wins lets make his album go platinum.

  2. Trent Denzel says:

    Tyron is SPOT ON with his statement about the mma fan base community that’s all I’m gonna say.

    • Kumiv says:

      First UFC fight I ever saw was McGregor vs Aldo

    • David Smith says:

      Jasus jake does have fair few fans but tyron is way ahead of anyone he fought and will be massive shock if jake Paul wins I reckon Tyrone drop him round 7

    • Wrongfully Censored says:

      @Jamie95 no way in hell. Conor fans still pretend he was a legit double champ. His record at 155 is 1-3.

    • Soccerates says:

      People really need to see how dangerous he was in Strikeforce.

    • ______ says:

      @JK B my guy. I honestly thought Silva was unstoppable until he wasn’t… 😭 The way he combined Maui Thai, Kick Boxing and Jujiztu. I used to love how he always started slow, then like clockwork when the first minute passes his tempo and attacking start increasing.

  3. T-Dog Hammer says:

    Man, even though it’s not really part of the conversation right, I don’t understand what went wrong in the UFC, this dude is so marketable, he is this icecold character, looks cool, has this insane physique, why couldn’t they built him up, more like the badass he is.

    • SUPERMOTOJAK says:

      Tryon played the race card often which was whiny and annoying. That’s probably why.

    • Rocknroll says:

      I’ve always liked TWood but he alienated a lot of fans when he starting seeing racism around every corner while he’d already been made a star by a mostly white fanbase. Hope he smashes JP.

    • juvie gill says:

      Because he is corny and has boring personality

    • Malcolm McIntyre says:

      Because he is nearly 40

    • dylan stack says:

      I’d believe it was partially him trying to use his leverage to push back on the UFCs cut throat tactics but also his championship run was littered with boring fights that he didn’t take risks or action really and between that’d Dana down talked him and so did the fans and Tyron fought back and the fans turned more. With more context now seemed like Tyron didn’t want to change who he was to appeal to the fans and paid for it.

  4. Brian Hlynosky says:

    He is so refreshing to listen to after hearing Jake Paul talk. Tyron just wants to fight. Win or lose, I’m even more of a fan of Tyron then I was before.

    • Mohamed Mansouri says:

      He has the personality of a champ …like for exemple islam had incredible talent but personality not so much like he is not cool like mohammed ali those kinda fighters that i like.

  5. Adam S says:

    Tyron not having to cut weight is a terrifying prospect

    • A Mac says:

      Bro I’ve been saying that… I’m predicting they going the distance on a split decision.. idk who I got to win tbh

    • Sam Morris says:

      @A Mac mah t wood koing him easy , rocked Vicente a few times

    • Fernando da man says:

      @A Mac he’ll get robbed if it goes the distance unfortunately

    • Straight A Student says:

      @Sam Morris honestly Tyron focusing only on boxing will be interesting. Hoping to see Woodley throw some combos and rip the body.

    • Jonathan Davies says:

      @Sam Morris was just thinking that and he was only throwing punches Luque is a different type of savage Jake will fold under that type of pressure Tyron was super aggressive and got caught but Luque was able to stay calm under fire

  6. Broms The Poet TV says:

    Woodley is an intelligent, well spoken, honourable, respectful, gentlemanly killer who is going to knock Paul’s head clean off….and I cannot WAIT to see it happen 💯

  7. evilash570 says:

    Tyron needs to put out merch, with “He’s Gonna Fake a Hymen Injury” on it, he’ll sell a million shirts!

  8. 808bboarder says:

    Tyron is such a beast. He’s from the generation of real fighters like Diaz bros, Lawler, Condit, GSP etc.

  9. Tank Vue says:

    It’s unfortunate that Tyron never showed this side of his personality when he was still champ, I’m glad that he’s doing it now during his biggest pay day fight.

  10. Greg says:

    Wasnt a huge tyron fan before this whole debacle, but he’s made me into one

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