Jamie Campbell Bower Talks Stranger Things, New Music and Recites Lizzo Lyrics as Vecna (Extended)

Jamie Campbell Bower Talks Stranger Things, New Music and Recites Lizzo Lyrics as Vecna (Extended)

Jamie Campbell Bower talks about playing Vecna on season four of Stranger Things and working with Kevin Costner on a western saga before reading things Vecna would never say in the villain’s voice.

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Jamie Campbell Bower Talks Stranger Things, New Music and Recites Lizzo Lyrics as Vecna (Extended)


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29 Responses

  1. emmmabooks says:

    Can’t believe I’ve been following his journey for almost 10 years, from small pop up shows to play music in parks to being a guest on Jimmy Fallon 😭😭 I’m so insanely proud of him, he deserves all of this and more💗💗

  2. enchantricks says:

    my mum and I cant stop laughing this interview is gold

  3. Xavier says:

    jamie singing lizzo in his vecna voice is something i never knew i needed

  4. Kristie B says:

    It’s so funny to hear him talk about being part of something so huge after being part of Harry Potter and Twilight franchises. Obviously, there was a leap in role prominence, but he’s certainly lucked out in the huge franchise following department. Can’t wait to see where his career goes – both acting and music. What a talent.


      @David Dwyer yea he was. I just watched it a couple days ago ago and he was in one clip where he jumped out the window or something . I believe Deathly Hallows part 1. It was only a few seconds tho. Theirs a clip on YouTube if you wanna see it.

    • David Dwyer says:

      @Distinct Echo young Grinderwald in Fantastic Beasts, he’s not in Harry Potter at all

    • Distinct Echo says:

      What part was he from in Harry Potter??

    • Bridget Haines says:

      And Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd

    • olivia says:

      Totally was thinking this- I think maybe people forget that he was a big star for longer than most of the cast lol

  5. Sajal Jaiswal says:

    Jimmy is a big fan of Stranger Things. He is bringing everyone on the show! Also, he was promoting the show even before the season came out! Love him❤️

  6. Kalea hall says:

    When he started talking in his vecna voice, I literally jumped cause I was not ready💀 But seriously HOW can his voice change so much omg you wouldn’t even think they somewhat know each other let alone be the same person like wow this just shows how talented he is. Truly an amazing actor, singer and person💜

  7. livingdeadjake says:

    Mad respect for Jamie especially after he talked about his struggles with addiction publicly. I honestly felt he was the standout in Stranger Things season 4 easily as well as Eddie Munson.

  8. E Xo says:

    Whenever Jamie smiles I smile. It’s so infectious. Also I honestly thought Vecna’s voice was done through a voice changer to get that deep effect, had no idea it was actually all Jamie & I’m so blooming impressed.

    • E Xo says:

      @Pia Lihme Petersen he is just an absolute sweetheart isn’t he. He deserves the world

    • Pia Lihme Petersen says:

      It’s actually crazy how true this is – about his smile … I literally find myself smiling big, when I see him smile or laugh .. He really deserves all the best 🙂

    • DellyBellyTea333 says:

      He’s extremely talented and can do anything! He’s like the millennial Timothee Chalamet. He needs to be a director/script writer that just uses him for all their projects like TC

  9. Samuel Durham says:

    Jamie really nailed his role as Vecna/001 as a creepy and terrifying villain, but once he’s off his costume, Jamie is really just a charasmatic and lovable normal guy who’s sure to have a bright future as an actor. 👍🏽💙

  10. Rebecca Rose says:

    Over a decade being in this industry and he’s finally getting the attention that he deserves for all his hard and amazing work. Jamie, you’re incredible at what you do, I’m so proud of you and I love you <333

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