Jets Fan Rich Eisen Likens Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles Injury to a Horror Movie | The Rich Eisen Show

Jets Fan Rich Eisen Likens Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles Injury to a Horror Movie | The Rich Eisen Show

Jets fan Rich Eisen recounts his team’s long history of bad luck with the latest being the season-ending Achilles injury to Aaron Rodgers.

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30 Responses

  1. Jordan White says:

    Man this was a master class in the 5 stages of grief. That bargaining bit at the end was classic

  2. im.konner says:

    This history lesson of a rant gave me CHILLS. The fact that Vinny was there last night is wild to me. I thought my chargers were cursed.

  3. eslgurucalif says:

    As a lifelong Falcons fan, I empathize with Jets fans. However, nothing will ever feel as bad as losing a 28-3 lead in the SB. Nothing!

  4. Slav 30 says:

    Living 30 minutes away from Green Bay, we have had our ups and downs with the way we have reflected on Aaron’s switch to New York. That being said, personally, this is devastating to see him invest so much of his talent among the league of football fans who have fallen in love with this championship caliber roster. Genuinely, I offer my condolences to the Jets and their fan base. Hope to see A-rod uplifted soon to continue spreading his qb coaching to Zach and his talent to the Jets franchise. Trust me, any football fan is sad to see this happen.

    • john martin says:

      Yep here in gb it’s packers fans are glad Jordan love looks to be decent

    • Cole Robert says:

      I’m a Packers fan and I was heartbroken for the Jets fans,Organization,What an awesome fan base, They haven’t been to the superbowl in over 50 yrs and not very many seasons that they were in the playoffs, They stick by their team regardless and that’s a true fan But That Jets team took it to another level after Rodgers went down, So happy that Gipson had his moment to shine, They have alot of talent,Hope for the best for them, And my thoughts are with Rodgers,He gave me alot of great memories in Green Bay,Thank you Aaron for that, This sucks for all NFL fans No doubt

    • NYYanks2003040506 says:

      If Zach Wilson is the starter the rest of the way, the Jets are more foolish than I thought.

  5. Jeremy Beasley says:

    You can hear genuine dispair in Rich’s voice. Freaking turf strikes again. As a Redskins/Commanders fan, I certainly feel for this poor man. We’ve been snake bitten for quite some time as well.

  6. Chawki Barakat says:

    Rich, my hearts goes for you and all the Jets fans. It’s so unfortunate

  7. Mexican Zeppelin says:

    That Vinny injury was devastating to the team. That was a SB capable team with great coaching.

  8. edo marpez says:

    Rich, trully, my deepest condolences.

    Edit: Godspeed recovery for AR and all Jets fans

  9. Kyle Simas says:

    I absolutely love Rich Eisen and his passion for everything. My heart breaks for his Jets.

  10. mailliw someone says:

    I’m still in shock and disappointment. I can’t wrap my brain around it. Great win last night. The team has heart.

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