HIGHLIGHTS: LA Galaxy vs. LAFC | July 4, 2023 | Rose Bowl edition sets single-game attendance record

HIGHLIGHTS: LA Galaxy vs. LAFC | July 4, 2023 | Rose Bowl edition sets single-game attendance record

It’s a July 4th celebration for the history books.

The 20th El Tráfico edition between LA Galaxy and LAFC has drawn 82,110 fans, establishing a new MLS single-game attendance record.

Tuesday night’s crosstown rivalry was held at the Rose Bowl, a historic venue in Pasadena, California. This Matchday 23 fixture was originally set for MLS is Back weekend as the 2023 campaign began, but got shifted to summertime due to a postponement (inclement weather).

Charlotte FC held the previous record, welcoming 74,479 fans to Bank of America Stadium for the 2022 expansion side’s inaugural home match.

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45 Responses

  1. Idfk_18 says:

    What a magical game. Definitely one of the better El Tráfico games

  2. Crius XI says:

    Milan fan but my first time actually watching an MLS game, mostly because of Chiellini and because I love LA, and it was entertained watching this game. Will definitely be watching more of the top MLS games. Puig and Bouanga looked incredible on the ball.

    • Marco Martz says:

      What a first game to watch!!

    • ハディさん (Hadi) says:

      Forza Inter 🖤💙

    • Crius XI says:

      @ハディさん (Hadi)Forza Milan, the bigger club 🔴⚫️

    • ハディさん (Hadi) says:

      ​@Crius XIbigger yet you guys betray your own legend, Maldini

      deserve downfall next season

    • Crius XI says:

      @ハディさん (Hadi) Maldini is a club legend and the firing wasn’t great optically, but the man had a terrible transfer window and actually got a little too much credit sometimes. He was great at closing deals, but he was not really the one doing all the scouting and homework. Moncada did not get enough credit. Cardinale gave Maldini the chance to earn his trust starting from last year’s contract extension and unfortunately Maldini failed. Maldini also wanted Pioli out which several people at the club did not agree with. Love him, but not flawless.

  3. Volt Vortex says:

    Great Game with over 82k in attendance! MLS is growing!

  4. Bello K says:

    What an atmosphere i am very proud MLS yall should be proud you did it 🙏🏿

    • ハディさん (Hadi) says:

      Soccer should triumph over Baseball 🎉🎉

    • GoGo USA says:

      @ハディさん (Hadi)Depending on the age of the person you ask It already has

    • ハディさん (Hadi) says:

      ​@GoGo USAliterally mlb still have way more view than mls

      unless you want to say “you can’t judge sport popularity based on socmed”

    • jacob Parish says:

      @ハディさん (Hadi) It really should. I’d be okay with soccer being the #3 here. It’s my second favorite sport. Only real football tops it for me

    • GoGo USA says:

      @ハディさん (Hadi) I love all Sports I watched my fav baseball teams highlights 4 times this week but my fav soccer team 1 Time a week. I’m always rooting for the boys but it means so much more watching the soccer team

  5. R. A. Contreras , MA says:

    Simply the best rivalry in the U.S. More games at the Rose Bowl, please.

    • Dr.Danger539 says:

      Why was it held at the rose bowl

    • Carlos Gonsalez says:

      @Dr.Danger539 the anniversary of galaxy playing their first game there

    • CaptainXD says:

      “best rivalry in the US” lmao just tell us you started watching MLS 6 years ago

    • Connor Johnson says:

      Cough Timbers Sounders cough

    • Daniel Lowry says:

      ​@HMbeav8404 meh I think the issue is that both the Timbers and Sounders have taken a step back the last jandful of years and don’t have any real marquee names that would excite folks outside of the Pacific North West. Great Rivalary with so so much history but maybe just not the crown jewel it was say 5 years ago

  6. Huy says:

    it doesnt matter what team you root for. if you’re a soccer fan, you gotta love seeing a crowd like that at an MLS game. amazing atmosphere!!

  7. Riggity R says:

    This just makes me so happy to see the passion both LA teams have. I’ve been a galaxy fan since the cobi jones days and they won the first mls cup but I love seeing lafc do so good as well. We love LA ❤

  8. craig laranja says:

    What a game
    What a classic

  9. FUTBO7 says:

    *What a game!*

    *No other rivalry like this in the MLS. For years these two have been putting in some of the most intense matches* 🔥

  10. Tunç Öztürk says:

    I gotta say it was amazing game. Not saying cause we won but it really was. I swear El Trafico never disappoints. Every single rivalary game I feel the overdose chaotic and dramatic soccer in my veins. This rivalary as fun as Boca v River and Madrid v Barca. Don’t @ me. I think this is the only think both Galaxy and LAFC supporters can agree. 😂

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