JID – Dance Now (Official Video)

JID – Dance Now (Official Video)

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34 Responses

  1. Teeej says:

    Dance Now and Surround Sound as lead singles is just about as good as it gets. JID is quite literally rapping his ass off on every track 🔥

    • Orátile Zungu III says:


    • ◇MyYoutubeAccount◇ says:

      I completely understand where you’re coming from. But I’m pretty sure the album is gonna have what you’re looking for from him.

      And I’m hoping it does too. Although i do like this track, I believe isn’t going to have the longevity of some of his other songs to me

    • Deluxo2 says:

      Yall tripping, Dicaprio 2 was waaaaaaayyyy wayyyyy better than this. He’s not saying anything in his rap videos lately and this is becoming my problem with his music. He is just trying to appeal to the masses and dumbing it down for yall that listen to garbage like drake, future or Kodak black. He is so much more talented than this and I don’t feel this song at all. He is not saying shit as jcole said in his rapper diss. He is becoming just like them imo and this shits wack af.

    • ◇MyYoutubeAccount◇ says:

      @Sago, The Prince
      It’s JID, so it makes sense to me

  2. RyansAverageLife says:

    sigh…time to listen to this 147 times in a row and get nothing productive done today

    • Mr Shaq says:

      @Elimauri Greetings! Kindly look up an artist named *’Enexello’* . He’s really good! I’m sure you’ll like some of his work.
      Thanks a bunch.

    • Elimauri says:

      Yo gang I be making music and got music videos to them can you let me know if the songs are good if not come back and let me know

    • Otto Backman says:

      Man i feel you! But damn dude, i miss your videos… Hope you’re doing great things. Peace

  3. Soulsy says:

    The way JID switches his tricky flows with ease always amazes me, he never misses 🔥

  4. tytylerty826 says:

    All JID needs is an album preferably sooner than later this year and he will be one of the young dudes on TOP of the game!!! Every song he drops or features on is a banger, his verses are crazy lyrical and he tries and kills different flows. JID 4 LIFE!

    • Mr Shaq says:

      @Luh Niso Greetings! Kindly look up an artist named *’Enexello’* . He’s really good! I’m sure you’ll like some of his work.
      Thanks a bunch.

    • Luh Niso says:

      @tytylerty826 depends on your perspective. To teens he’s “old” to ppl in their late 20s + he’s “young”

    • tytylerty826 says:

      @Casper van Helvoirt Rakim isn’t “young.” Ice Cube isn’t “young.” KRS-One isn’t “young.” Jay-Z isn’t “young.” But when you’re younger than J. Cole you’re still “young.” But like Aaliyah said Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number!!!

    • Casper van Helvoirt says:

      @tytylerty826 I have to agree with Adrik… JID is 31 I believe, almost 32. Thats not ‘young’. However, JID is one of the most skilled rappers in my book. Always a blessing to hear his fresh flows

    • tytylerty826 says:

      @Adrik Dutta yea he is…sounds like someone is a bit insecure about their age…he can be “old” if it makes you feel better about yourself YOUNG man…

  5. Tanner Brewer says:

    Bro. I get chills thinking about this man’s potential. Hopefully many years left of this absolute fire. JID is already in my top 5 of all time and I’m not kidding.

    • Mr Shaq says:

      @khahlis Greetings! Kindly look up an artist named *’Enexello’* . He’s really good! I’m sure you’ll like some of his work.
      Thanks a bunch.

    • khahlis says:

      @Tanner Brewer cool list, mine is(right now)

    • Tanner Brewer says:

      @Kingra2k 1. Cole/Kendric
      2. Nas
      3. Big
      4. J.I.D
      5. Pac/M

      That’s just me personally. And I know that this is sacrilege to say.. but for me.. JID will surpass biggie in a few years. Might not ever have the influence or fable that biggie did. But he will likely be farther out of the league of his time. Especially with this decline of current lyricism and originality

    • khahlis says:

      @Kingra2k cap

    • Kingra2k says:

      Top 5 all time is crazy gang lol

  6. Brydell Cocky says:

    He getting better and better. He def. headed to the top!

  7. Bille says:

    JID is just different. His flow, cadence and delivery is top tier. I’m glad he’s getting his recognition.

  8. Gecko9r says:

    People say Kendrick, JIDs said Wayne, I also hear a bit of Andre 3k, and Coles story telling ability. But it’s his own style which is refreshing.
    I don’t know of a person who doesn’t like this man. Can’t wait for more

  9. Powfu says:

    video and bars was cold❤️

  10. Nuttela Xannyk says:

    JID does not miss actually. much love from Ethiopia bro.. greater things ahead

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